June 21

Carry a Travel Guide to Malaysia for a Better Experience

Malaysia is a paradise adorned with forests and beaches and has a rich repository of nature’s bounty. For those who have yet to visit Malaysia, you are in for one ride thrill. First-time travelers will find the capital city of Kuala Lumpur stupendous with its classy mixture of tradition and modernity. The country is filled with many wonderful travel spots, historical places, and natural locations, so a travel guide to Malaysia is necessary. Travel within Malaysia is best done by bus. redBus offers an online bus ticket system that can make travelers convenient.

A travel guide to Malaysia will include all the best places to see and experience a lifetime traversing those nature trails across the mountains of Borneo and surfing and riding the waves on the picturesque beaches of Langkawi.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city, offers a rich combination of progress and ancient traditions. The city is home to malls, mosques, and churches, which captivate travelers. Street food is simply out of this earth. Travelers will never forget the unique gastronomical and culinary tastes of KL in their life.


Penang is a worthy entry in the travel guide to Malaysia. The heritage of Malaysia is reflected in Penang. Its beaches are filled with fun-loving tourists as well. The serene backwaters enthrall the sense of tourists. The ancient culture of Malaysia comes to life in the stunning old Chinese mansions that date back to the 18thcentury. The colonial architecture of Penang has found its rightful place in the UNESCO World Heritage site. Penang offers a glimpse into the rich culture through George Town and Penang Hill.

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands is the epicenter of entertainment in Malaysia. The place is a hill resort filled with fancy hotels and historical museums, unforgettable theme parks, and many more attractions to relish.

Tips for making your Malaysian trip a big success:

Learning the local language

The locals in Malaysia do not speak English fluently as it is not another native language. Most of the locals can speak and understand English at a basic level. Travelers can learn the local language to say short and effective phrases such as “How are you?" and "Thank You."

The basic words in the three languages - Chinese, Malay, and Tamil can be learned by the tourists for the smooth facilitation of their travel itinerary. The gesture of learning their language will make the local Malaysians put you high up on the moral pedestal. This small step can lead to an unassailable bond, and they will be more forthcoming to share their stories, thus improving the bonding of the trip.

Before Arriving, Join the local social groups and communities

Malaysian culture is amplified by a large number of travel enthusiasts who want to express their love for the country’s culture by conducting special programs about understanding the cultural roots of Malaysia. Travelers can join these groups according to their tastes, such as city tours, nightlife clubs, and food tours. This will help in increasing the entertainment value of the trip. Another great option is to make friends with the locals, and they will give you a tour that you won’t forget. Social media can be used to learn more about the local art galleries like Publika, The Bee, and the Chinese Colonial structure Zhongshan Building.

Understand the Duty-free rules

Duty-free concession rules are followed strictly in Malaysia. Certain items can only be bought within a specified limit. Malt liquor and wine spirits are restricted to one liter per person. Travelers must visit the Red Lane customs office and give a self-declaration regarding the goods they are carrying. The maximum for buying cigarettes in Malaysia is 200. Cosmetics such as perfumes should not exceed $50.

Malaysia is regarded as heaven on earthy by many travelers. The country is a kaleidoscope and is the best choice for enjoying the vacation to the fullest. For the uninitiated, a travel guide to Malaysia can help understand Malaysia's rich culture and find the best sports for having fun.


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