Learn before you go, and take them with you! MAI Travel Guides are free travel guides that will help you plan your trip and learn about the featured destinations as well as other nearby places you might want to visit while in the area. Elegantly designed and written they are print ready if you prefer to have them on paper and provide all the information you really need as well as loads of pictures and travel tips to help you get the most of your visit. The four current free travel guides add more than 200 pages and feature:

  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • Ecuador
  • Going Solo: a Complete Guide to Help You Plan Your Trip of a Lifetime


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Free Mexico Travel Gguide

MAI Travel Guide: Mexico

Sharing the longest border in the world between a third world and first world country Mexico has been a popular getaway destination for tourists from the USA, Canada and Europe who seek sun and beaches during the winter months during several decades. For the past few years however the country has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, and while there are safety concerns to reckon in a few isolated parts of the county visitors are still enjoying the beautiful beaches of Cancun, the lush jungles in Chiapas and the delicious food knowing that the country is open safe for visitors. This guide covers 13 of the most popular cities and attractions in Mexico, including sightseeing, food, useful facts and nearby side trips to enjoy in each one.

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 going solo cover

Going Solo: a Complete Guide to Help You Plan Your Trip of a Lifetime

How can you save money when purchasing flights? What are the best countries to visit when traveling solo? Is it safe for a female traveler to travel the world on her own? What kind of backpack should I buy? Should I buy travel insurance? These are common questions that newbie (and sometimes not as new ) travelers ponder about during the planning stages of their long trips, and even when taking an extended holiday. The answers to these and many other questions are given in this free ebook I have written with the knowledge I have gathered during my years of world travel, hoping to encourage you to see the world while making the planning phase easier and save you money along the way!
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 colombia travel guide free 3d

MAI Travel Guide: Colombia

Few countries in the world are as misunderstood as this South American nation is, without a doubt one of the most spectacular you can find anywhere in the world. Forget the days of the kidnappings and drug wars with the FARC; today Colombia is a thriving nation proud to be one of the few in the world who’s economy has not struggled in the past few years and offers an array of entertainment difficult to surpass. Ride the train to the top of Bogota’s Cerro de Monserrate to enjoy magical view of the capital city, explore Armenia and the coffee zone where some of the world’s best coffee is produced, master the art of Cumbia dancing in Cali or explore the streets of Cartagena de Indias, one of the most fascinating cities in South America while treating yourself with exquisite food as you befriend with the happy paisas who’ll be eager to speak with you.

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Free Ecuador Travel Gguide

MAI Travel Guide: Ecuador

Sharing its name with the most famous parallel in the world Ecuador is a country to be explored with time and a passion for the outdoors. While it may appear to be small on a map its diverse geography and charismatic indigenous cultures indulge the adventure traveller in an abundance of passion, freedom and need of exploration. Get lost in the remote villages of the Amazon basin, participate in all sorts of adventure activities in Baños de Agua Santa with active volcano Tungurahua in the background, enjoy the surf in your favourite beach or climb to the top of Cotopaxi volcano in the Andes to get a feel of what Ecuador is all about. After a day of adventure eat Cuy, try any of the abundant cheap menus in any budget “almuerzo” and bring it down with a big glass of fresh blueberry juice all for under 3 USD. If you like the outdoors and haven’t visited Ecuador, you’re missing out what could be the most fun country you ever visit.

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