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6 Photo of the Week: A Day in Bogota

Feared by many Colombia’s capital, Bogota, is today a modern city safe for visitors and with many attractions. Gone are the days when walking down any street was extremely dangerous, and businesses are open for all those willing to spend some money. Check Mai Colombia Travel Guide for more info! What have you heard about […]

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4 Photo of the Week: Kangaroos in Town

During the third leg of our drive along Australia’s East coast with our camper van we decided to stop at a town which, by looking at the map, had the potential of having a nice beach where to enjoy one of those fantastic free electrical barbecues Australia has pretty much everywhere. Our biggest surprise though […]

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6 Photo of the Week: Temple in Seoul

Seoul is a modern city with all the comforts you might expect from one of the most connected (internet ) cities in the world yet has also been able to keep its history alive an reachable to everyone who’s there even if only for a day. This is just one of the buildings in Changeokgung […]

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6 HDR Photo: Hacienda San Diego in Chihuahua

  Hacienda San Diego is one of the most fascinating estates in Chihuahua but unfortunately has been abandoned and no maintenance is taking place. It was built in 1874  and although initially used to grow livestock it was eventually  occupied by revolutionary Francisco I Madero who would lead the Mexican revolution from here to become […]

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15 30 Free Photography Ebooks

What do you need to take good pictures? As they say the answer is practice, practice and practice. Sure, good lighting conditions and a decent camera will help, but to really master your skills you need to become very intimate (almost in a freaky way) with your equipment.  You should almost know what will come […]

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