Upcoming Press Trip: El Paso and Across Chihuahua

It has taken me some time but I am finally pleased to announce that in 2 days I will be starting my first press trip ever! This opportunity is a result of my visit to Puerto Vallarta’s Tourism Fair a couple of months ago, through which I met the tourism board of Chihuahua (Mexico’s biggest state), and after some planning and discussions I will be traveling across the state (about the size of Spain) for a week. Once this was confirmed I contacted El Paso’s Visitor’s Bureau and my trip has extended another three days to visit this border town.

copper canyon

What will I be visiting?

The trip will begin with a three day stay in El Paso, Texas. I’ll be soaking in some Texan charm whilst learning about Tex-Mex culture and food, enjoying some of the famous local outdoor festivals and visiting the attractions in the area. Next, I’ll be crossing the border to visit one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Ciudad Juarez. Only two years ago this was THE most dangerous cities in the world, with more violent deaths than Baghdad or Kabul, but apparently things have changed and I’ll be checking where it sits today and what there is to do.  I will then head South, stopping at Samalayuca desert, visiting the ancient adobe village of Paquime that today is in ruins and continuing South to the state capital Chihuaha with a few more stops along the way. I will then  head west towards Mexico’s most famous gorge, Coper Canyon, where I will trek and zip-line across valleys ( despite my dislike for heights)and will meet with the elusive Tarahumaras, an indigenous group that lives in the mountains with whom I’ll spend a night to learn how they live if only for a day. I will be witnessing the 100 km mountain ultramarathon  (which the Tarahumaras have still to loose) and then continue to Creel where I’ll be visiting spectacular lakes and trekking across dense forests.

How much of a trekker are you? Have you visited this part of Mexico? What about El Paso? Have you done a press trip before? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below, and this post too if you liked it!

[Photo credit @ Flickr Chiva Congelado]

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