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Vacationing With Toddlers in San Jose: 3 Useful Tips

It’s time for a family vacation and you probably look for a destination for new adventures with your toddlers. Vacationing with toddlers can be a very specific situation if the vacationing place is not equally attractive for the parents and their kids.

Don’t worry, because San Jose for example, can offer a better vacationing experience than you can imagine.

It is one of the biggest cities in California with many interesting places for quality family time.

Before you plan your vacation here, you should be aware of several things that will bring peace during your holiday and make the kids feel cheerful at the same time.

Accommodation in San Jose

The accommodation is an important part of your vacation in San Jose because it is a big city with many interesting places all around.

Before you go, you should plan your budget depending on where you want to stay during your vacation. It’s a good idea to look for cheap apartments in San Jose online if your budget is tight and prefer a modest family vacation.

There are many affordable apartments near popular facilities, parks, and similar places where your toddlers will have fun and you will get to relax, too.

If you are on a budget but want accommodation in specific areas in San Jose, you can check some apartments, villas, or hotels near the beach or the coast. No matter the budget, your toddler’s sleeping and playing arrangement is an imminent situation.

Try to find an apartment in San Jose with multiple rooms to let your kid play in the living room and sleep in the bedroom – the similar order as in your home to decrease their confusion. Also, look for a balcony for casual unwinding and fresh air.

Fun places to visit in San Jose

San Jose offers various interesting places for both parents and toddlers to have a great time together, such as:

  • Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, which is a kind of amusement park and zoo located in San Jose. Here your toddlers will have a chance to see different animals, drive carting, roller coasters, and many other fun activities.

  • Raging Waters, one of the biggest water parks in San Jose, which is an amazing place for kids of any age. Prepare your toddlers for fun water adventures and different attractions, like fast slides, pool waves, splash areas, etc.

  • Municipal Rose Garden, which is another must-visit place for relaxing and quality family time. Take your kids to the biggest rose garden in the country with over 3500 types of roses. You will have a great afternoon walking with your toddlers in such a relaxing environment, having fun and enjoying the beauty of the garden.

  • Rotary PlayGarden, which is one of the most inclusive play gardens in San Jose, offering rock-climbing, ropes course, down slides, see-sawing, and other fun games. Keep in mind that there are many ADA playground facilities, accessible for children with special needs.

Vacation Packing Tips

The packing moment is probably the biggest challenge for toddlers’ parents before going on a vacation. Generally, San Jose is a sunny city with warm temperatures typical of California.

Before you pack the suitcases, make sure you have everything necessary for your kid, starting from seasonal clothes, food and snacks while traveling, toys, hygiene products, and additional equipment.

For example, if you go to San Jose by car, take a car seat with a car bag and baby carrier if your toddler needs one. Kids often get hungry and thirsty, so pack their favorite snacks and fruits.

When it comes to food, always use stainless steel dishes, as well as sterile bottles for milk and water. Also, take some toys to divert their attention while traveling by car or plane and have fun together.

The clothes choice depends on the season you go on vacation. For summer days, prefer to pack lighter outfits with casual t-shirts and shorts for your toddlers, swimsuit and diapers, pants, and soft pajamas. For a vacation in the winter days, bring winter clothes like long-sleeve shirts, hoodies, a jacket and warm socks, too.


Going on a vacation in San Jose with your toddlers is a great idea to have quality family time and get relaxed.

The vacationing area should be equally interesting for you and your toddlers, so San Jose is your best choice. It is a city that offers amazing opportunities for both kids and parents to have fun together and enjoy the family vacation.

Before you go, check some interesting places and apartments relevant to your budget, and carefully go through the packing list as you prepare your toddlers for vacation. 


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