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2 antigua river

Things to Do in Veracruz, Mexico

On April 21st 1519 Hernan Cortes landed in Antigua, near the site of Veracruz. There, to prevent all thought of retreat, he burned his ships, and leaving a small force on the coast, led the rest of his men into the interior to change history- without knowing it. The city of Veracruz is today just […]

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8 copper canyon ultra marathon

The Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon (video)

While visiting the state of Chihuahua in Mexico I had the opportunity to witness the Raramuri doing what they do best: running. Known to be some of the best trail runners in the world, the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon challenges elite trail runners to run against the Tarahumara in several events, the main ones being […]

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11 cordoba veracruz cathedral

What to See and Do in Cordoba, Veracruz

Founded in 1618 Cordoba in Veracruz is the third largest city in the state, yet what is has in age it lacks in taste, architecture and attractions- but there are a handful of things to see. The city is made up of mostly old buildings that were apparently never planned and need all the maintenance […]

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14 Review: Hotel Veracruz in Veracruz, Mexico

Rich in history, very industrial, and less touristy than what it should be Veracruz is Mexico’s largest city along the gulf’s shore, and its harbor is the largest in the country. It’s not surprising then that there are many hotels to choose from, yet I found Hotel Veracruz very conveniently located just five minutes away […]

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A Day in Ciudad Juarez (Video)

For many years Ciudad Juarez has been a dangerous city off limits to pretty much anybody who didn’t live here; in fact many of its citizens fled to places across the border or to other cities in Mexico. But things have changed and Ciudad Juarez is slowly but steadily becoming again what it used to […]

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19 copper canyon

Exploring Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, Mexico

Four times larger than the Grand Canyon, spectacular as Taroko Gorge in Taiwan  yet as many times unknown Copper Canyon is undoubtedly one of Mexico’s most fascinating attractions. Located in the southwest of Chihuahua, one Mexico’s northern states and also one of the largest, it has for some reason escaped the attention of many adventure […]

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10 Are Traveling and Learning a Language Compatible?

There are a select few with the inveterate itch in their feet. The travel bug has bitten well and truly deep and these adventurous souls have traversed half the world backpacking and on the barest budget, yet enjoying each  moment of their lives. Some have decided to volunteer, and others have realized that not only […]

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