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7 Interacting With Dolphins- How Cool is it?

You may have noticed that for one reason or another lately I have been lucky enough to interact with dolphins, whether it was during our dolphin tour in Hawaii or the dolphin swim in Puerto Vallarta, and this time, it will be no different. Well maybe, as this time it has been the first time […]

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6 A Weekend in Guayabitos, Mexico

Mexico’s Pacific coast is, not surprisingly, full of small beach towns that offer whatever you need to get away from it all, which by definition will not be much. This time we spent a weekend in Guayabitos, as a good friend of ours was getting married and it could be the chance to explore this […]

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3 Angel flores guesthouse

Angel Flores Guesthouse Review

During our recent visit in Ajijic we stayed at Angel Flores Guest House. Well appointed, rather new and with all sorts of commodities it is a place I highly recommend as it is also well priced. Watch this video and make a reservation if you plan on visiting this lovely little town in Lake Chapala!

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55 Magical Ajijic in Lake Chapala, Mexico

Just 45 minutes away from busy Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city, lies the largest lake in Mexico: Lake Chapala. The lake is 40km wide and 80 km long at its widest and longest points, and is the main source of drinking water for Jalisco’s capital city. Yet despite the huge role it plays as the […]

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teotihuacan pyramid mexico

5 of the Best Cultural Attractions in Mexico

Mexico has something for everyone. Famous for beaches, stunning cultural sites, bustling cities and vibrant festivities, it is the perfect getaway for a variety of different travelers. It is also now increasingly accessible due to the number of Mexico holiday deals available from Europe, Canada and the US. Take a look at the must-see sites […]

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24 aztec indians mexico

Aztec Indians Take Over Mexico City’s Zocalo

Mexico City’s main square, called El Zocalo, was built over the Aztec’s empire former capital- Tenochitlan- which itself was built on an island in the middle of a large lake where the city’s main temple, the Templo Mayor, rose 90 feet in the air.   It is not surprising then that the formidable Cathedral, one of […]

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10 Photo of the Week

A few days ago I was jogging early in the night and realized that the full moon was about to create a nice view as it got closer to a tree. I ran home,got my tripod and camera, and took this photo of the moon. Sometimes you don’t have to go too far to see […]

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19 Video: Surfing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

One of the advantages of currently being based in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) is that I can often enjoy my favorite sport: surfing. The area might not be one of the top surfing destinations in the world, but there are plenty of waves during the year to let me surf more days than not, and enjoy […]

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