Monthly Archives: February 2011

11 More Bang for Your Buck: Las Vegas on a Budget

Feeling the pinch? Think that the halcyon days of great holiday deals are over and you can’t afford to visit Las Vegas on a budget? In these cash-strapped times it’s hard to believe that any of us can still stretch the budget to include a trip abroad but there are still plenty of affordable destinations […]

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7 Luxury Villas: Keeping Your Options Open

Luxury villas bring with them a sense of freedom and independence. They provide the home comfort we would bring on holidays with us if we could, while still being able to enjoy a holiday abroad. And while there may not be the room service, mint on the pillow, or turn down service that hotels provide, […]

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22 8 Great Plugins for Travel Blogs

There are many plugins for travel blogs available today, but I have to admit that when I began my website I didn’t have a clue about what I was doing. HTML? PHP? Anchor text? All these could well be names of bacteria for all I knew. As most, I learned along the way, and MaiTravelSite […]

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