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26 Why Visit Kuala Lumpur?

Any visitor to Kuala Lumpur is at once confronted with its collision of cultures; its sparse and glittering modern architecture and the extravagance of old designs, its celebration of economy and commerce, and tenderness towards life’s simple pleasures. There’s a vast array of unique things to do in Kuala Lumpur, ranging from cultural, to natural and […]

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3 Niah Caves in Miri, Malaysia

Niah caves are 132 km South of Miri, which is an 8 hour bus ride north of Sibu. General consensus is that it is best to visit the second largest cave system in Malaysia with an organized tour from Miri because of costs and transportation, so why do anything else? That was our plan…which we […]

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6 Melaka: a Colonial Gem in Malaysia

Once a Portuguese colony  Melaka (or Malacca)  has become what I and many travelers believe is Malaysia’s finest city: an exquisite medium sized metropolis  in Southwestern peninsular Malaysia that easily traps you in a comfortable paced lifestyle while you visit its several attractions. It is colonial, as well as charming, elegant and active- yet peaceful. […]

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