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The Traveler's Handbook:

A Preparation Guide to International Travel

Traveling international for over 15 years and visiting more than 80 countries has taught me a good deal of things on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to going global. I've learned methods that save me money on air travel and accommodation, what to do to easily stay safe and healthy even when traveling on a budget, or how to save money by using appropriate credit cards…and scoring free trips.

The Traveler's Handbook is 41 pages long and is organized into 9 main chapters, with tables, sub-chapters and colored pages for easy reading. Sure, you can spend countless hours and days searching online to find this info (will you get it all?) or simply subscribe to my occasional newsletter and get it delivered in a nicely edited PDF ebook where you'll find ONLY what really works. By the way, I will not share your email with anybody – I hate spam too.

Having visited 80+ countries I have hands on experience on how to save money when traveling, how to make trips easy for you and your family, and what destinations are best according to your interests. Still, if once you have finished reading the section questions remain unanswered or there’s a topic you think I should include please email me- I'm always happy to help out! Who else will you give you all this for free today

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