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Mercado Central

Things to Do in Santiago de Chile

Glittering glass-laden buildings, ancient architecture, and a huge serving of the great outdoors. Sounds impossible? Well, it’s about time you find out about the underrated Latin American capital of Santiago de Chile. Those who already know about Santiago normally describe the capital as a “sanitized” and “too European” destination in Latin America. And although not comparable […]

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relaxing vacation

You Can Afford to Do Nothing on Vacation

Because people can be so different on many levels, different things bring them joy on a regular basis. Whatever their passions may be, they all need a little break from the usual routine. Again, there is no one-size-fits-all method for relaxation, and everyone can have their favorite. Not doing anything may feel like a waste […]

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toddler carrier

The Best Toddler Carrier for Travel and Daily Life

As your little one grows and becomes a 30-pound toddler your needs for a baby carrier will change drastically. His/her motor skills and physical activity have increased – now (s)he might be starting to ‘toddle’ and is curious about anything and everything . Does this mean you should put the carrier away and let them explore […]

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