Who am I? Why do I have this blog? Here are some answers to typical questions I get from readers like you. If you have any more, simply reach out to me!

Tell me, who are you and where do you live now?

When did you first start to travel, and how?

How many countries have you visited?

Of these, which are your favourite and why?

Any place you would not go back to?

Do you travel alone?

Finally, do you have any hobbies besides traveling?

About MaiTravelSite

I created MaiTravelSite in May 2009 as a simple website where I could keep most of my travel tools readily available (travel search engines I use, etc) and had a smaller section inside where I would keep track of the 10 month trip I began 5 days after it was first published. It took me almost the entire trip to realize that the essence of the website was the blog, and changed it into such in December of 2009. By doing this I began to have readers and followers other than family members and the transformation continued until it has became what it is today: a full website that has been featured in major networks such as CNN and Lonely Planet with may resources (including free travel guides for download )that will simplify your trip making it cheaper, safer and all around more fun. .

kenai peninsula in rv seward to Homer

There are breathtaking vistas all around- keep your eyes open!

Perhaps my favorite part about this site is being able to meet travelers or people like you who are about to go on vacation and want to share an experience with me or ask a question. If this is your case please contact me via email or you can connect with me via  Facebook.

Technical Side

I now host my blog with West Host and have been using them for over a year. They have great customer support and have may options depending on the kind of hosting you need.

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