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Who are we? Why this blog? Plus some answers to typical questions I get from readers like you.

Who Are We?


I'm a Civil Engineer by trade, but my passion for travel took the best of me. I ditched office work more than a decade ago becoming a travel blogger, writer and online entrepreneur. I'm a published author at Fodor's Travel Guides, have created and manage this travel blog in full, and my writing has appeared in other publications such as Lonely Planet. I also love to surf and alpine trekking 🙂


Liza is my wife and a dental surgeon. She also loves traveling and visiting new places, and tends to bring comfort into the trip more often than I would ;). She loves spicy food, anything with lemon, nature and doesn't understand the point of taking a picture without one of us appearing in it.


Teo came into our lives in 2016 and has completely transformed our lives and the way we travel. He's an explorer already, inquisitive, loves Indian food and thinks that any medium size piece of cardboard is a visa for a passport. One of his passions is being the first one to walk into a hotel room!

About MaiTravelSite

I created MaiTravelSite in May 2009 as a simple website where I could keep most of my travel tools readily available (travel search engines I use, etc), and had a smaller section inside where I would keep track of the 10 month trip I began 5 days after it was first published. Back then blogs were just starting off, and frankly I didn't put the time it required, nor did I know what I was doing!

Since then the blog has evolved into an adventure and cultural family travel blog . We enjoy traveling anywhere, the outdoors and love showing our son Teo how to become an explorer. Through this blog I aim to provide destination and general travel tips/ advice and inspiration for families who wants to travel the world with kids.

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There are breathtaking vistas all around- keep your eyes open!

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Tell me, who are you and where do you live now?

When did you first start to travel, and how?

How many countries have you visited?

Of these, which are your favourite and why?

Any place you would not go back to?

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