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Going Solo: the Ultimate Guide to Help You Plan Your Trip of a Lifetime


Traveling international for over 15 years and visiting more than 80 countries has taught me a good deal of things on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to going global. I have learned methods that save me money on air travel and accommodation, how to stay safe and healthy yet traveling on a budget, or how to save money by using appropriate credit cards…even scoring free trips. The good part? You can get all these tips and secrets in my FREE ebook.


Going Solo: a Complete Guide to Help You Plan Your Trip of a Lifetime is 36 pages long and is organized into 9 main chapters, with tables, sub-chapters and colored pages for easy reading. To grab a copy all you have to do is sign up to my occasional newsletter, which is free too, and with the download link (it’s in pdf) you’ll be getting even more useful travel advice, ideas and entertainment ( I will not share your email with anybody – I hate spam too).

“Hi Federico. Your guide on travelling solo is awesome!! I can’t stop reading it. Thanks x!


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Having visited 80+ countries I have hands on experience on how to travel on a budget, and by sharing it with you I will save you time, effort, and of course your hard earned money. Still, if once you have finished reading the section questions remain unanswered or there’s a topic you think I should include please email me. Put these travel tips to good use and hit the road!