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19 swim with sharks

Swimming With Sharks in Oahu, Hawaii

If you had the opportunity to swim with sharks, would you take it? Shortly before heading to Hawaii I researched online for exciting things to do in Oahu’s North Shore, and the result was easy enough: surfing and swimming with sharks. Was I going to skip any of the two? Certainly not!  And thus only […]

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8 On Location in Kauai, Hawaii

Q. What do the films ‘Raider’s of the Lost Ark’, ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Avatar’ have in common? A. Aside from having highly whistle-able theme tunes (well, maybe not Avatar…), they were all filmed in part on the island of Kauai – the ‘Garden Island’ of Hawaii.   Having finally managed to prize myself away from […]

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21 Tahiti and Moorea on a budget (Part 2)

*Updated July 2011* As we reached Moorea in French Polynesia we began to appreciate the beauty of this Pacific island, perhaps the most amazing I have seen in the world (so far) and were excited about spending a week there. While getting there from Tahiti you can see that the water is as crystal clear […]

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23 Tahiti and Moorea on a budget (Part 1)

How to make your trip to French Polynesia affordable I’m sure that like me, you always thought that the islands featured in spectacular photos you have found yourself staring at are only accessible to the extremely wealthy and certainly out of reach for the budget conscious, right? Wrong! Sure, French Polynesia can be as expensive as […]

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11 Hide away in the South Pacific: Vanuatu

Formerly known as the New Hebrides, Vanuatu is an independent island chain/ country located 3 hrs NE of Au and 3 hours north of NZ, fairly close to Tahiti, and was going to be our first stop in the Pacific islands. Our flight with Air Vanuatu from Melbourne with a stopover in Sydney arrived on […]

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