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10 5 Days in the City of Johannesburg

Much of my (limited) knowledge of South Africa and the city of Johannesburg stemmed from what I had read or seen on screen. As a student of English Literature the likes of J.M Coetzee feature highly on my reading lists and even from a school I remember studying obligatory post-apartheid literature – notably a moving […]

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11 Things to Do in Cape Town, the Jewel of South Africa

With many things to do Cape Town South Africa is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth by many, affectionately dubbed the Mother City of Africa . Its culture is a rich mixture with origins from Dutch, Indonesian, French, German and British settlers who immigrated to the area brining their customs with them, […]

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6 Adventure Travel in Cape Town, South Africa

Situated on the coast of South Africa, with Table Mountain, the Atlantic and Indian Ocean and many varied terrains to explore, adventure activities in Cape Town can be found in abundance. The laid back atmosphere, warm weather and stunning beaches of the Mother City make it all too easy to focus on the good things […]

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