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4 joffre lakes

Hiking to Joffre Lakes and Matier Glacier

After spending a few days in Whistler we were ready for some out-of-town exploration, as probably any visitor in the area will, and without investigating any further we made our way to nearby Pemberton. We were not sure about what we’d find, if anything at all, yet with so many mountains we were hoping we’d […]

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2 Where to Find Black Bears in Whistler, Canada

Whistler’s snow capped mountains and world class skiing are what have put this small mountain town in the world map, and hosting the winter Olympics of 2004 certainly helped quite a bit too, and while it might be a great destination for snow sports fans during the winter it also boasts many other outdoor activities […]

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kayaking whistler bc

Lake Kayaking in Whistler, Canada

I’m not sure why, but there’s something about kayaking in high mountain lakes that I love. It may be the peace and quiet, the fact that I spend most of the time by the ocean where I get to surf or chill out in great hotels, or the otherwise uncommon view of large sources of […]

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sushi village whistler

Sushi Village: Fine Japanese Food in Whistler, BC

Soon after arriving to Vancouver I learned that this part of Canada is a big fan of Sushi, and Whistler is no exception. With plenty of fine dining restaurants to choose from catering to all international cuisines, why not indulge in what locals seem to have become really good at? Located in downtown Whistler and […]

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4 what to do in victoria

What to See and Do in Victoria, British Columbia

I have to admit that Victoria in BC had not been in my radar until shortly before heading to Vancouver and having the opportunity  to visit it, but as soon as I saw some pictures of it that portrayed its quaint streets, traditional architecture and location right by the ocean in South East Victoria Island […]

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4 The Dark and Ugly Side of Vancouver

Don’t be fooled: despite its splendid architecture, window covered skyscrapers, clever layout and close relationship with nature (just look at the parks, the canals or the trees you’ll find atop so many buildings) there’s a not-so-pretty side to this otherwise very well known metropolis. No, I’m not going to write about its Eastside neighborhood, but rather […]

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2 Miku Waterfront Vancouver

The Best Sushi Restaurant in Vancouver?

It’s commonly agreed that Vancouver has the best sushi in Canada, which, if you think about it, makes a lot of sense. Based on the West Coast of Canada, it is the closest port to South East Asia and therefore the landing strip to all immigrants who came and still do from there, and  thus all […]

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6 kayaking-in-vancouver-3

Kayaking in Vancouver: Exploring a Fjord in Canada

Set along the beautiful coast of British Columbia Vancouver has been voted for many years one of the best cities in the world to live in, and I now understand why. With a population of about 700,000 people it is the seventh largest city in Canada and certainly the largest seaport of the country in […]

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23 Exploring Wild Wild Western Canada

Having lived in Montreal for most of my life, it felt strange that I’d never actually visited Vancouver, or anywhere in British Columbia for that matter (I had visited Ottawa though). Well, it turns out that taking a flight from Montreal to Vancouver only takes around two hours less than flying from London to Montreal. […]

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Winterlude in Ottawa, Ontario

My winter jaunt to Ottawa, Canada’s capital in the Province of Ontario, presented an icy vision in the form of ‘Winterlude’, a festival dedicated to all things white, cold and frozen. Visually arresting whilst perilous to fingers and toes, the festivities have an aura not unlike some of the scenes from ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ […]

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