January 12

Lake Kayaking in Whistler, Canada

I’m not sure why, but there’s something about kayaking in high mountain lakes that I love. It may be the peace and quiet, the fact that I spend most of the time by the ocean where I get to surf or chill out in great hotels, or the otherwise uncommon view of large sources of water surrounded by tall mountains covered in snow and thick forests, but I’ll jump to any opportunity I get to kayak as long as I’m in the mountains, not at a beach as I find sea kayaking utterly boring.

kayaking whistler bc
About to start our paddle.

As such, and despite I’d been kayaking in a lake in Vancouver just a few days before, I repeated my day outdoors in Whistler, where I got the chance to wander around for a couple of hours taking some nice pictures and absorbing the rain. Yup, it turned out that the sunny sky was gone and replaced by a light drizzle that would not stop throughout the whole day.

kayaking in whistler
Beautiful lake Alta, where we paddled in.

During the almost two hour paddle around lake Alta we got to see plenty of ducks and trout, spotted an eagle and learned visited the over one hundred year old cabins where the founders of Whistler, Alex and Myrtle Philip, had lived about a century ago. I was impressed by how this coupled decided to move to the area and live on their own, being self-sufficient throughout the whole year with no health care nearby, and became the pioneers of what today is a world famous skiing  and tourist destination.

kayaking in whitler
Unfortunately it rained, heaps. However, I was happy to be there under the rain…

And just as quickly as I we started, we were soon paddling back to where we started. Kayaking in Whistler is easy, ideal as a family activity, for couples like us who like to spend time outdoors or solo travelers who appreciate what nature has to offer. If it’s excitement and adrenaline you’re after you’ll want to look elsewhere, but if not this may be just the easy going activity you need to spend a holiday morning.


Whitler Eco-Tours Website: www.whistlerecotours.com



I was a guest of The Adventure Group Whistler, however all pictures and opinions mentioned in this post are entirely my own, as always!

How familiar are you with Whistler? And kayaking? Is it something you like? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and this post too if you like it!


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