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10+ Things to Do in Tepic with Kids

When planning a vacation with kids in Tepic, Nayarit, you'll find a variety of family-friendly activities and attractions to enjoy. One must-visit spot is the La Loma Park, a beautiful park with playgrounds, green spaces, and walking trails perfect for outdoor fun.

For a cultural experience, head to the Amado Nervo Museum, where both kids and adults can learn about the life of the famous poet.

Another exciting place to visit is the Magical Village of Jala, known for its traditional charm and delicious local cuisine that the whole family will love.


Tepic, Nayarit is a vibrant city located in Mexico, known for its rich culture and abundance of opportunities for family adventures. From exploring historical sites to immersing in local traditions, Tepic offers a range of experiences for visitors of all ages.

To ensure a memorable and enjoyable trip for the whole family, it is crucial to plan kid-friendly activities that cater to the interests of children. By considering the little ones in the planning process, families can create lasting memories and bond over fun-filled adventures in Tepic.

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Outdoor Adventures

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Tepic, Nayarit with a variety of outdoor activities perfect for kids. Explore the lush green landscapes by going on family-friendly hikes at Cerro de San Juan where you can spot local wildlife and enjoy breathtaking views.

cerro san juan tepic

 Take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of nearby rivers or try your hand at fishing with your little ones. For a more adventurous experience, consider going on a ziplining tour through the treetops or embark on a gentle rafting trip along the river.

There's no shortage of fun and exciting ways to enjoy the outdoors with your children in Tepic!

Visit La Loma Park

La Loma Park is a beautiful recreational area that offers a variety of features for visitors to enjoy. The park boasts well-maintained playgrounds that cater to children of all ages, providing a safe and fun environment for them to play.

 Surrounded by lush green spaces, La Loma Park is ideal for picnics and relaxation, making it a perfect spot for families to spend quality time together.

 It features scenic walking trails that wind through the natural landscape, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of the outdoors. The family-friendly atmosphere at La Loma Park ensures that visitors of all ages can have an enjoyable experience.

Explore Mexcaltitán Island

Visiting Mexcaltitán Island offers a unique experience rich in history, culture, and exciting boat tours. Steeped in heritage, this island is a hub of fascinating stories waiting to be discovered. For families with children, there are kid-friendly attractions such as museums showcasing the island's past and local art.

When it comes to cuisine, visitors can indulge in delicious local dishes that reflect the authentic flavors of the region.

Mexcaltitán Island promises an unforgettable journey filled with adventure and a glimpse into Mexico's vibrant traditions.

Cultural Experiences

Immerse your family in the rich culture of Tepic, Nayarit through these activities. Discover the vibrant local markets where you can taste authentic Mexican cuisine and shop for traditional handicrafts. Attend colorful traditional festivals that celebrate the region's history and traditions. Visit museums and art galleries showcasing the artistic heritage of Tepic.

Engage in workshops to learn traditional dances or crafts from local artisans. Explore historical sites such as colonial buildings and ancient ruins that offer insight into the city's past.

These experiences will truly deepen your understanding of Tepic's cultural richness.

Visit the Regional Museum of Nayarit

When you step into the Regional Museum of Nayarit, you are greeted with a rich display of exhibits that narrate the captivating history and heritage of the region. The museum proudly showcases archaeological treasures, indigenous artworks, and historical artifacts that offer a glimpse into the past of Nayarit.

One of the highlights of the museum is its interactive displays designed specifically for children. These engaging exhibits not only educate the young visitors about the region's history but also make learning a fun and immersive experience for them.

Attend a Traditional Dance Performance

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Tepic, Nayarit by attending a traditional dance performance. These shows offer a captivating glimpse into the rich local traditions and heritage of the region.

From colorful costumes to rhythmic music, you will be enchanted by the energy and skill displayed by the talented dancers. Moreover, many of these performances are family-friendly, making it a perfect outing for visitors of all ages, including children.

Don't miss the chance to experience the authentic essence of Tepic through these mesmerizing dance shows.

Family-Friendly Attractions

When visiting Tepic, Nayarit with your family and kids, there are several top attractions that are perfect for a fun-filled day out. One of the must-visit places is La Loma Park, a beautiful park with green spaces, playgrounds, and picnic areas.

 The Magical Village of Jala is another great option, where you can explore the colorful streets and enjoy local crafts. Don't miss the Amado Nervo Museum, a cultural spot that offers insights into the life of the famous poet.

These family-friendly attractions in Tepic are sure to create unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones.

Water Park El Salto

Water Park El Salto offers a wide range of exciting features for visitors of all ages.

 From thrilling water slides that cater to adventure seekers to relaxing pools for those looking to unwind, this park has something for everyone. Children of all ages can enjoy specially designed water activities and play areas, ensuring a fun-filled experience for the whole family.

In terms of safety, Water Park El Salto prioritizes the well-being of its guests by implementing strict safety measures, including trained lifeguards stationed throughout the park and clear signage indicating rules and guidelines.

Amenities such as changing rooms, lockers, and on-site dining options enhance the overall visitor experience.

Tepic Municipal Zoo

The Tepic Municipal Zoo is a fascinating destination that offers a wide range of animals, providing an enriching experience for kids. Visitors can explore diverse species from around the world, making it an educational and entertaining trip. The zoo features special exhibits showcasing rare and exotic animals, creating a sense of wonder and excitement among visitors.

Interactive opportunities such as feeding sessions and animal encounters allow children to learn more about wildlife in a fun and engaging way. 

The Tepic Municipal Zoo is a perfect place for families to enjoy a memorable day while fostering a love for nature and conservation.

Shopping and Dining

There's a wide array of family-friendly shopping and dining options in Tepic, Nayarit. From traditional markets offering local crafts and souvenirs to modern shopping centers with popular retailers, there is something for everyone.

Indulge in authentic Mexican cuisine at charming restaurants and eateries scattered throughout the city.

Whether you're looking for a casual dining experience with delicious street food or a sit-down meal with traditional dishes, Tepic has it all. Enjoy the vibrant and diverse culinary scene that caters to all tastes and preferences.

Visit Plaza Forum Tepic

Plaza Forum Tepic offers a diverse range of shopping opportunities for visitors. You can find stores specializing in children's clothing, with a variety of fashionable and comfortable options for the little ones.

There are shops dedicated to toys, providing a wide selection of fun and educational toys for kids of all ages. If you're looking for souvenirs to remember your visit, you'll find unique options in the souvenir stores at the plaza. 

Moreover, Plaza Forum Tepic is home to a selection of dining options suitable for families, where you can enjoy delicious meals together after a day of shopping and exploring.

Try Local Cuisine at Mercado Juan Escutia

Mercado Juan Escutia is a fantastic destination to explore traditional Mexican cuisine. Visitors can savor authentic local flavors through a variety of dishes such as savory tacos, flavorful tamales, spicy pozole, and refreshing aguas frescas.

 This market offers a unique family-friendly dining experience where both adults and kids can enjoy a delicious meal together. 

For the little ones, there are kid-friendly menu options available, including quesadillas, burritos, and tasty churros. With its vibrant atmosphere and mouthwatering dishes, Mercado Juan Escutia is a must-visit for anyone looking to immerse themselves in Mexican culinary traditions.

And if you want to eat at a local restaurant offering great, local food in a nice environment, Emiliano Restaurant is a fantastic option.

tepic restaurant emiliano
food tepic
cake tepic
food tepic octopus

Where to Stay in Tepic

We'll be the first ones admitting that Tepic does not have a lot of tourism, and therefor does not have many hotels to choose from. But there are a few.

Should you want to stay in a traditional hotel, by far the two best options are Hotel Fray Select and Hotel Fray Junipero Serra.

However if you're traveling with kids you'll probably want some more space for your little one(s) to run around. Or simply leave stuff.

As such, we decided to stay at Apartamentos Mololoa, which are full apartments including 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and everything you might need.

kitchen tepic family
bedroom tepic
apartment tepic
apartment tepic family

It was definitely a good choice!


If planning a family trip to Tepic, Nayarit, you'll get a small but  diverse range of activities and attractions that cater to families with kids. From exploring cultural sites like the Nayarit State Museum to enjoying nature at La Loma Park, there is something for everyone.

Families can also visit the charming Plaza Principal or experience the fun and educational exhibits at Amado Nervo House Museum. With its vibrant atmosphere and family-friendly attractions, a day in Tepic is enough time to explore a less visited destination for a memorable and enriching family vacation.


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