Monthly Archives: July 2011

9 Why Visit Slovenia?

Devouring the enticing information presented for my destination, Slovenia, I imagined a delicious skip through gastronomic bliss against a backdrop of romantic scenery; pretty churches, quaint squares and misty mountains… Instead, I got light drizzle served as a starter, a torrential downpour main, followed by a dessert of angry thunderstorms.  Slovenia weather ‘varies’ apparently – […]

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10 Visiting Ireland for the First Time

I can’t deny that this article will be a defiantly British perspective on our neighbours. I can’t help but have a somewhat glorified and close to romantic view of Ireland, like some time-warped Victorian.  I arrived with the realist notion that it wouldn’t be true but also with the optimistic hope that it would be. […]

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11 Disabled Travelers: Dream Destinations Are Accessible

Disabled travelers are not bound to be forever excluded from the thrills of a vacation. Most industrialized nations have instituted legal reforms to ensure the disabled have access to most businesses, venues, and landmarks. With the exception of a few historic locations that might be deemed too delicate to alter for wheelchair accessibility, almost every […]

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