Why an Ordinary Road Trip in Mexico is Never Ordinary

A few weeks ago I had to travel inland in Mexico from Puerto Vallarta to a small town in Zacatecas. The 600 km road trip  requires about 6 hours worth of driving, and instead of taking the highway (which frankly should not be classified as such) we took an alternate path along a main road we are familiar with, is toll free, and only takes about 20 minutes more. This time I decided to bring my compact camera and took random snapshots of what the trip was like- here are the results. My take? You better keep your eyes on the road all the time, watch out for the speed bumps ( I can easily say that Mexico has more speed bumps than any other country in the world- and I’ve visited quite a few), make sure you have a phone with a Mexican SIM card that works but keep an eye out the window cause you’ll see extraordinary things. And if you want your trip to make sense, here’s a perfect Mexico itinerary for your trip.

driving in Mexico

View out the front window

rocks on road

The cow prefers to look the other way

the driver

The driver

speed bumps ahead

Speed bumps ahead

rocks again

Rocks again

rabbit sign

I didn’t see any

Vulture on road

Nothing is spared

more speed bumps Mexico

Did I mention speed bumps?

Yellow pick up truck

Yellow pick up

lady walking in town

Lady walking in town- check the banner on the post

cobbled stones in towns

Most small stown are unpaved and have cobbled stones instead.

man riding bicycle

If the car ride is uncomfortable enough, what does the bike ride feel like?

pizza in Mexico

Sure, they have home delivery!

rocks on pavement

I told you: keep your eyes on the road.

countryside in Mexico

But I also told you to look out the window!

fox sign

Didn’t see any of these either

mexican music band bus

Band bus in Mexico. Their website url is in the back…check it out to get in the groove!

dangerous wheel rims

For some reason these are very popular among trucks…and very dangerous for everybody else!

most famous word in Mexico

Mexico’s most famous word

Have you travelled in Mexico? Did you drive? What situations did you find yourself in, or what anecdote can you share with us? What would you have liked to find more of on the roads?  And less? Please comment below, and share this post if you liked it!


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