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5 Destinations that are Worth Considering for Your Next Family Travel

All good moments get even better when shared with the people you love. Well, this is also true when it comes to vacations. While exploring a destination can be fun when you travel solo, visiting a place with your family is a great way to make memories that will last for a lifetime. Besides, traveling ignites children’s sense of adventure and curiosity while also helping them develop their imagination. But, although it sounds great in theory, taking your kids on a trip isn’t the easiest thing to do! 

Luckily, it is doable, but you should choose a place that your children will love and that offers enough activities to keep them engaged. If you find it challenging to pick a destination, below is a list of the most noteworthy destinations that can make for a great family vacation. Check it out! 


London is one of the most accessible and family-friendly destinations where you can have lots of fun on your next adventure. Amazing things are waiting to be discovered, such as museums that allow kids to explore everything from technology and natural history to design. In the city's downtown, you can explore the Tower of London, one of the royalty’s symbols, and an iconic monument of England’s capital. You can also embark on a sightseeing cruise across the Thames River – some companies offer entertainment packs for children, so be sure to compare different options before booking. 

Plenty of adventure activities are available for kids, including a walk through the Millennium Dome and treetop activities. And if you and your kids love Harry Potter, London is the perfect place to find the magic portrayed in the famous books and movies. You can explore the studios, and the filming locations, take a picture at the platform 9 ¾, and so much more! Of course, these are only a few things you can spend your time doing while visiting London with your kids – there are endless possibilities when it comes to the things you can see and do in this wonderful city.


Whether you enjoy city life or want to connect with nature or relax at the beach, Portugal is one of the most amazing places to consider when planning a trip with your family. Portuguese people are very welcoming to kids and tourists, which will make your vacation a thousand times better! One of the most exciting things to do here (which your kids will probably love) is riding a tuk-tuk, which is basically a three-wheeled vehicle with comfortable seats.


Exploring the Bussaco forest in Central Portugal is another activity suitable for families. This ancient forest is so wonderful that your kids will be genuinely excited to be there! Consider taking a picnic there to make your trip even more memorable. 


 Regarding child-friendly places, Israel stands out, as it offers plenty of interactive activities for kids. While it’s viewed as a destination for religious tourism, the truth is that Israel goes beyond that: you can go to the beach, explore ancient caves, ride on camels, and much more. If you decide to travel with your family to Israel, one of the best ways to ensure you will make the most of the trip is to book a specialized tour. If you do this, you will plan less for the trip and relax more.

Although there aren’t a lot of custom-designed activities for kids in Israel, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time in this destination. You can visit the Israel Aquarium, explore the Garden Tomb, go on a boat trip on Lake Galilee, discover Israel’s Children’s Museum, and so on. Hence, if you aren’t into spirituality, various reasons make the Holy Land worth a visit, whether learning more about its history, discovering archaeological sites or taking a break from daily responsibilities. Even educational tourism to Israel has become popular, enabling students to gain valuable knowledge about this incredible country.


Bali is so famous for a reason, as it is a tropical paradise that boasts lush landscapes and breathtaking sunsets that you will not forget. And it’s also one of the best family travel destinations out there – once you visit it, you will likely want to return over and over again. From trying out water sports to exploring Bali’s markets, or experiencing a family retreat, there are activities suitable for all types of families. 

There are many places where kids can get creative, such as the Sari Api, where they can take a ceramic class, or Berawa Art House, where both adults and children can join art classes. You can even learn how to make artisanal chocolate – now, that’s really exciting, isn’t it? So, don’t hesitate to add Bali to your family travel list – you won’t regret it! 


If you’re searching for an unforgettable family travel destination, look no further than Peru. One of the most popular attractions here is Machu Picchu (of course!), which is incomparable and genuinely magical. There are fun experiences for adults and kids to enjoy but be sure to book your ticket as early as possible, as spaces can get filled quickly. 

Cusco is another excellent place to visit with your children, offering a rich culture and history and myriad activities suitable for the entire family. For example, you can visit the chocolate museum together, wander the ancient streets, or let kids discover Peruvian cuisine at one of the best restaurants. 

Ready for your family adventure? 

As you can see, you can explore many travel destinations with your family – and they will fit everyone’s passions and interests. There’s no need to worry that your kids won’t be entertained, as each place mentioned above will offer little ones an experience they will keep in their hearts forever. Just make sure to do a bit of planning before hopping on the plane, as this will help you feel more relaxed and more in control. And most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy your family trip!  


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