March 22

5 Ideas for Active Holidays in Hawaii

There is no shortage of relaxation to be had on Oahu; the perfect combination of sun, sea, and sand can help even the tensest of folks unwind. While working on a tan and catching up on a good book on a beach steps away from one of the luxurious Honolulu hotels is certainly an appealing prospect, it’s the thrilling, unique moments that make the most unforgettable memories. On the other end of the Oahu vacation spectrum is the potential for the extreme: the rush; the adrenaline. There are many activities that the island offers that you simply won’t find many other places on the globe.  For those looking to get their blood pumping while taking in a flurry of once-in-a-lifetime sights and sounds from the air or under the sea, you’ve come to the right place.

You’re rested, relaxed, and ready. You’ve woken up at the Lotus Honolulu with an itch to try something new. Whether by land, sea, or air, you’re just hoping to feel your heart racing. With a centralized location facilitating an entire host of options, the decision is yours. It’s time to let yourself go!

waikiki hawaii

By Sea:

Scuba Diving: Strap on your tank, cinch up your goggles, and make sure your flippers are on tight, because you’re going beneath the waves to explore a world unlike any other. After a quick certification process, you can head out on one of many scuba excursions offered out of Waikiki. Once you’ve secluded yourselves from the sounds of civilization, you’ll descend into a world made up of colorful reefs and rock formations populated with sea life of the widest variety. Keep your underwater camera poised for when a sea turtle inevitably swims by as you

Surfing: The Hawaii classic: gliding across the face of a wave on a board proves a thrill unlike anything else. Taking a lesson and popping up for the first time will be an incredibly rewarding experience that you will brag about for a long time. Many shore breaks on Oahu act as forgiving, manageable classrooms due to their soft surf. Having to try and try again has never been more fun.

sunset surf

By Air:

Skydiving: Oahu is filled to the brim with beautiful sights to behold–it’s just a matter of finding the time to see them all. One idea is to go for it all at once! Skydiving has been always been a staple of bucket lists, and there is no better place to give it a shot. As you hurdle towards the ground with your guide, you’ll experience the lush greens of the jungle canopies, the crisp blues of the Pacific, and the miles of flawless shore from a spectacular vantage point.

Parasailing: For those looking for an airborne rush a little bit closer to the ground, look no further than parasailing. As you lift out of the water and ascend into the air behind a speeding boat, the Hawaiian air will never taste sweeter. Head up with a friend as you coast above the waves, looking back at the shore from hundreds of feet in the air. The combination of speed and altitude will provide an afternoon that you’ll be sure to cherish.

By Land:

Mountain Biking: For a rush of speed, consider renting a bike and heading to one of Oahu’s famous mountain biking trails. Ride on a dirt trail with a group as you careen through the jungle, or enjoy a paved road for some uninhibited downhill fun!

kualoa ranch

Finding that combination between rush and relaxation will help you get the most out of your Hawaii vacation. With so many options available to you, keeping a packed schedule will be simple! After a thrilling day of adventure, find yourself a nice place to sit back with a cold drink and watch the sunset.

How many of these activities have you tried during your stay in Hawaii? And elsewhere? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below, and this post too if you liked it!


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  1. Hawaii seems to be a truly amazing destination. I must go there. Do you know if there is special things to see there as well?. Im much into cultural travel

    1. If culture is what interests you I suggest you visit the Polynesian Cultural Center. Sure, it may be a bit of an act, but it’s the closest thing you’ll see in that regard…

    2. There sure are. If you’re into cultural attractions you may want to check the Polynesian Cultural Center in Oahu, and explore on your own the islands as well…

  2. I never imagined Hawaii would be great for MTB. Do you know if they have any special trails or similar? I guess a google search will let me now sooner though 🙂 Thanks for this inspirational post – I’m going to spend 2 months there shortly so any info is greatly digested :>

  3. Hawaii is one of the places that people visit the most…Yes i agree with that because me too, want to go and have vacation there…

  4. There’s no shortage of things to do in Hawaii – rain or shine! Just make sure you don’t over plan – leave room for some relaxing on the beaches and ocean swimming in your itinerary. An overly ambitious vacation will mean that you’ll need to take a holiday when you get home to recover from your Hawaii vacation!

  5. ” After a thrilling day of adventure, find yourself a nice place to sit back with a cold drink and watch the sunset.”

    You are right, this is what I call the icing on the cake.

  6. I have lots of enthusiasm in the adventurous sports like skydiving ,scuba diving , surfing ,mountain biking and parasailing.It was a thrilling experience to do parasailing.I would like to have an amazing diving experience and interact with the marine life.

  7. Hawaii is a vey nice place to travel with…I have never been there and I want to experience how fun will it be in that country…

  8. I really like to try surfing since there’s no beach in our place with strong waves. I used to watch surfers challenge tsunami like waves and it gives me a different rush 🙂 Hawaii will be on my destination list this coming summer!

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