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7 Reasons that Make Turkey an Ideal Travel Destination

Just a couple of days ago I was reading my friend Anil Polat’s post on why Ankara in Turkey is  a great tourist destination and my desire to visit this country sprung in a hertbeat- yet again. Turkey is one a short flight away from Western Europe, yet this relatively neraby country has a deep heritage and unique culture that jumps back to one of the greatest empires in history: Persia.   Turkey has  been a relatively popular destination for the past few years, but if some times are better than others it is difficult to find a better one than now. Why?

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Turkey offers reasonable prices when dining out and taking part in leisurely activities. Transportation is not expensive, and for example a meal at a café can cost you somewhere around lira 2.54/ which is around £1. A bottle of wine will cost you approximately 8.48/ lira which is the equivalent to £5.00

Cheap Hotels

Turkey offers a range of top quality accommodation at a very reasonable price. You can usually stay in 4*- 5* for half the price of a Spanish hotel. Cheap hotels in Turkey are most likely to be available in the winter, when there is minimal tourist activity to speak of.

Great Exchange Rate

The Lira’s high value has proved to be a big problem for trade in the Turkish export assembly but statistics have shown more British tourist have decided to visit the country. Figures show that from January to June 2010 tourists reached 11,571,427 with a 9.26% on last year. The number of tourists visiting Turkey has multiplied over the last few months making it a hotspot for summer holiday makers, and the good  dollar exchange rate has attracted visitors from afar.

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Bargain Shopping
If shopping is your thing there are lots of reasonable products to buy in Turkey, especially amongst the markets set in Bodrum. Here you will find high quality designer copies for very low prices- some would say Asda Price. If you do not wish to shop then visit the famous Halicarnassus outdoor nightclub or take a trip to the glamorous gardens of Babylon.

Hot Climate
Turkey’s Mediterranean cost provides a constant scorcher of a climate and beautiful beaches surrounded by magnificent landscape. The land abounds in ruined castles, battlegrounds and palaces of the greatest empires. The Ottoman cuisine is ranked as one of the most sumptuous  in the world. Although a Muslim country, Turkey is very modern and has a touch of the west. It is also referred to as the west of the east.

Turkish, Cuisine.

Turkish cuisine is generally meat based with marinated pieces of lamb, chicken, steak, threaded on a skewer or grilled over hot coals. Meats are usually accompanied by yoghurt, garlic and tomato dips. Lamb Kofte is a stew like dish which is mixed with aromatic spices;  recommended by locals it is extremely tantalising.

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FIBA World Championships 2010

Turkey will be holding the world’s best Basketball event of the year running from the 28th August to September 12 2010. Turkey has the privilege of holding this prestigious and exhilarating Basketball tournament bringing together basketball giants from all over the world. The unique pointer of this event is that it will be held in Europe after twelve years and it’s great chance for all sporting fans to get involved and visit  beautiful Turkey at the same time.
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Have you visited Turkey? What did you like best? What other reasons do you know of that make Turkey a great destination? If you liked this post please “Like” it…and share it!


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  1. I would like to point out something about bargaining in Turkey. Yes it is right that you can bargain when you shopping in Turkey , however there are even some tourist who are trying to bargain in a restaurant , or in a cafe shop. It feels like you go to a McDonald and try to bargain for a hamburger…

  2. I have always wanted to go to Turkey, this was an amazing guide! I think you have convinced to book my plane ticket. I have heard that Turkey has amazingly cheap rugs, i would love to get some beautiful hand made Turkish rugs to go around my house.

  3. Hey! I’ve actually been wanting to go to Turkey because I heard such great things about this country. Everything from Istanbul, to hiking, beaches! Great post!!

  4. Thanks for the mention and honored I could inspire a travel lust for Turkey! A wonderful place to travel, especially in the fall when it’s cooler and less crowded.

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