September 8

Experiencing a Hammam in the Marrakech Medina: Hammam Cleopatre

Don’t get me wrong: when I left this traditional Moroccan hammam I felt relaxed, clean and splendid, yet  I also felt somewhat beat up. Let me explain.

It was my first time in Marrakech, and as an experience-it-all traveler there was no way I was going to leave Morocco without visiting a hammam in Marrakech’s medina, also known as Turkish baths in other parts of the world. I had never been in one anywhere else (the closest experience being visiting a sauna in Finland just a couple of weeks before) leaving it for the time I was in a country where this practice was part of everyday life, and I did not miss the opportunity.

There are two kinds of hammams in Marrakech: the real, authentic ones where locals go to get a bath and rub for around 80 DH and those aimed to tourists which also include a massage, with different prices. I’m one of those travelers who like to experience the real thing, whether it’s riding chicken buses in Central America or eating grasshoppers as a snack in South East Asia, but truth be told I’m not a big fan of saunas ( Morocco is already warm enough) and I didn’t see the point of just getting a rub in a sauna, so this time I went for one that included a massage as well- my buttocks needed a rub after the 12 hour return drive from the desert the previous day. After looking around and as suggested by the friendly staff of my budget yet fantastic hotel in Marrakech I decided to visit Hammam Cleopatre, just a 1 minute walk from Djema el Fna square.

hammam cleopatre marrakech reception
Reception area at Hammam Cleopatre

 A Traditional Moroccan Hammam: the Gommage and Massage

I was welcomed to the Hammam by Fatima, the manager and owner. She’s a very charming lady who makes everyone feel very comfortable, and was offered some tea as soon as I stepped into the reception area. I was yet to finish it when I was told that the hammam was ready, and was guided to a simple changing room behind a curtain. I took off my clothes and put my bathing suit on ( I had been told to bring one), and was next asked to walk into the hammam. As soon as the door opened I was slapped by hot and humid air, and saw that the young man responsible for the gommage was poised and ready. An essential part of a hammam experience is the gommage, the traditional exfoliation treatment using a black eucalyptus and olive oil soap. The whole body is scrubbed with an exfoliating glove for deep cleansing and skin stimulation. This is followed by a hairwash and natural soap rub after many rinsings, much needed duethe humid air and the friction because of the gommage. I do have to say that the rubbing was not the most pleasant of sensations for me, but I can’t even imagine what it is to have to rub people in those extreme conditions.  Once finished though I felt clean and tired at the same time, and was glad to be out into the cool room ready for the 1 hour massage.

tea hammam cleopatre
Tea is offered several times during your stay
gommage cleopatre
This is where the gommage happens in the hammam. It is sauna where patrons are rubbed and exfoliated for cleansing.

My favorite part of the hammam was the massage. I had been traveling for three days almost non stop (including a camel trek into the desert) and the gommage had worn me down. The masseuse appeared to be very knowledgeable and worked all the muscles of my body, intensely but smoothly. There is AC to keep the room at a comfortable temperature and traditional Arab music was played in the background to keep the environment spiritual and soothing. I felt very comfortable and relaxed by the time I was done, and was glad it was my last event of the day (unlike locals who visit hammams in the morning) prior to dinner as I was in the mood to sleep right then and there.

massage room hammam cleopatre
One of the massage rooms in Hammam Cleopatre



I highly recommend Hammam Cleopatre. It is a traditional Moroccan hamma in the  Marrakech medina (and hence probably close to your hotel), the staff is super friendly and the facilities and services are both experiences that will make your day, everything at affordable rates.


Address: Kennaria n 44, Marrakech, Morocco

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I was a guest of Hammam Cleopatre, however all the information  provided in this article as well as opinions expressed are entirely my own based on my visit .

Have you ever visited a hammam? Did you like it? What would you tell others who are thinking about visiting one? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and this post too if you like it!


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