December 1

Visiting Bangkok in One Day

Woohoo!! We were in Bangkok again, a city we already knew, enjoy and can get around quite easily, plus it is the best hub from where to fly pretty much anywhere in East Asia thanks to Air Asia, my favourite low cost airline. Thus, we allowed ourselves three nights prior to our flight to Bali, Indonesia.

Four things had to be taken care of during our brief stay, all of which were accomplished successfully: first, we neede to install MS Office because the trial version given was going to expire in a few days, plus I wanted to install Adobe photoshop and Dreamweaver. One hour and 6€ later it had been taken care of at the IT Mall in Petchburi Road. During that hour I bought a tripod that would substitute the one I had- it was too small for my DSLR camera and…it broke. We did some necessary simple shpping at the MBK Mall (not the best but you get great prices for even better knock-offs). And finally, the highlight of the stay and one you should not miss if you visit Bangkok: the buffet restaurants at the Baiyoke Tower Hotel in Sukhumvit area (see insert).


Even if you spend only one night in town, make sure you have dinner at any of the three high standard buffets at the top of the Baiyoke Tower Hotel ( It is the tallest building in Thailand (84 levels), and 15€ will get you a 5 start all you can eat buffet dinner with anything ranging from lobster to T-bone steaks to made on-the-spot flamed crepes for dessert,as well as delicious Thai food. Great night views of Bangkok top it off unless you want to hit the lounge bar above to enjoy a drink before starting- or ending- your night.

The three days were gone much faster than we hoped, but were happy because we had accomplished our shopping purposes, I had eaten delicious Pad Thai at a street stand near our hotel, and the hotel was an excellent bargain once more: brand new and at 800 Baht/night it was spotless, had wi-fi, cable TV and a fridge, plus it was very well located in Sukhumvit, around Petchburi Soi 15 if you want to check it out.

Once more Bangkok delivered all we had expected, making us crave for more. It’s not usually ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but we it’s one we really enjoy visiting. But on september 14th we had our flight to Bali, the well known gem of Indonesia that I had visited a few years before for a month and knew that its people, culture, surf and excellent value for money (Bali is a bargain, really) would be something Liza (and I) would enjoy.

The temple of dawn in Bangkok
The temple of dawn in Bangkok


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