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The Best Car Seat Cushion for Long Drives (2021)

If you’re planning a long road trip, then seriously consider investing in your back health. Even young, healthy drivers can develop back problems after hours on the road making the trip unpleasant.

Finding the best car seat cushion for long drives that works for you can keep this back pain from becoming chronic or even avoid it altogether, making it a solid investment.

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The end of the road during our RV trip in Alaska

Once these problems start, you’re stuck with them for life. As someone who has suffered from recurrent lower back pain for a couple of years (resulting from a sports injury), I can say that anything you can do early to keep your back in good health is worth it in the long run.

Just like having a baby car mirror if you’ll be driving with a baby or kids headphones if you’ll be flying with a toddler, having a car seat cushion can make or break your trip.

Here, we look at some of the most popular car seat cushions for maintaining back health and easing the pain of long distance driving. Find the one that best suits you, and enjoy your next road trip pain-free.

Our Top Rated Car Seat Cushions

best car seat cushion


Aylio Coccyx Car Seat Cushion

Compact and affordable the Aylio car sea cushion does the job without adding bells and whistles.

car seat cushion long drives


Purple Portable Car Seat Cushion

It may look weird but it’s perhaps the best car seat cushion in our list…and also the most expensive.

clever yellow car seat cushion


Clever Yellow Car Seat Cushion

Smart, and differnt, this car seat cushion takes some time to get used to, but is loved by truck drivers

everlasting comfort car seat cushion


Everlasting Comfort

You’re going to like the price of this car seat cushion, which is also very comfortable.

comfilife car seat cushion


Comfilife Car Seat Cushion

Sturdy but soft, it is very portable and comes with a few extras that makes it a favorite.

These are our favorite car seat cushions to be used on any long road trip you might have. In fact, they are portable so you can use them at home too. However, they are not all the same (your weight, height and other factors come into play) , and we strongly recommend you read the reviews in details to pick one that works for you.

Aylio Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Foam Seat Cushion

best car seat cushion

In Short…

The Aylio is a good pick for anyone who experiences lower back pain when sitting for a long period, and is light and compact enough to be moved from the car to office.


Aimed squarely at people who suffer lower back pain, the Aylio coccyx seat cushion has been designed to reduce stress on the tailbone when sitting. It’s advertised as helpful for slipped discs, pregnancy, sciatica pain and tailbone injuries.

Take one look at it, and the first thing you’ll see is the tailbone cutout, and thick padding on either side. The idea is to get your thighs and buttocks to take more of the weight than your tailbone, easing the pain that can build up on long trips. 

It’s for this reason that the Aylio is a popular coccyx seat cushion. It’s also perhaps the best car seat cushion for hip pain that’s widely available. Not everyone sees results, and some users have reported the Aylio comfort seat cushion doesn’t help much with severe lower back pain. 

Having said that, it consistently receives positive reviews for easing mild pain and discomfort. At the very least, it makes your car seat feel seriously cushy enough to provide coccyx orthopedic comfort. The cushion itself is 2.5 inches thick, well padded with ergonomic contours.

Along with fitting into pretty much any car seat, the Aylio orthopedic seat cushion is small enough to be used in planes, not to mention the office. 

To make it easier to take anywhere, it’s even got a little handle on the side. Sure, it might sound a bit cheesy at first, but it comes in handy when you’ve got arms full of baggage at the airport. 

The seat cushion comes with a carry bag that’s generic enough to disguise the cushion, making it look like just another piece of luggage. 

If you still don’t feel keep to carry it, just squish it down and cram it in a bag – don’t worry, these cushions seem to deal well with a bit of rough handling, and unfurl without creases after being folded for short periods of time. Be aware though that these aren’t totally bombproof; expect to get a solid eight months to a year of use before the cushion starts to lose its bounce. 

This makes it a great car seat cushion for long drives.

All this comes at a price, however. At over US$30, the Aylio isn’t quite the cheapest option on this list if you’re looking for a comfortable cushion for driver seat comfort.

Another issue that only becomes evident after repeated use is how it doesn’t handle heat very well. If you sweat a lot, consider opting for a cushion that distributes heat better. The Purple Portable Seat Cushion is definitely one such option.

Purple Portable Seat Cushion

car seat cushion long drives

In short…

It’s the weirdest looking cushion you’ve ever seen, but provides great support when sitting for long periods of time. It’s good if you’re tall, but heavier users might find this thing a little flimsy. Also, it’s expensive, but one of the best car seat cushions for long distance drives around.


At first glance, it’s hard to make heads or tailbones of this oddity. A grid square of interlaced purple polymers, this thing looks more like a futuristic shower mat than the best car seat cushion ever conceived.

Anyone who is tall will immediately appreciate how compact this cushion is; it’s barely an inch high, so it won’t have your scalp scraping the ceiling. Despite the bright color, it’s also fairly discreet, so it’s hard to notice you’re using a comfort seat cushion.

It’s square-shaped, with a grid of hyperplastic polymer, and works as a cushion for drivers seat positions.

This stuff is kinda rubbery, a bit like the mats you’ll find at your local pool. However, take a seat, and you’ll notice it provides a good balance of cushion and support. If you’re not happy at first, try flipping it over; some models have different levels of support on each side, to add to their practicality.

In fact, there are a number of models, ranging from light cushions designed for air travel to heavier duty cushions – some with more support, others with spongier material. At the high end is the Royal Seat Cushion, which promises to turn even bar stools into comfort couches.

In terms of comfort and durability, users have said the Purple Portable generally performs better than your average memory foam seat cushion, maintaining shape and keeping comfortable even after hours of use.

This polymer is also quite grippy, making the Purple Portable one of the best car seat cushion options when it comes to staying in place. Even on the curviest of highways, this thing stays firmly between you and the chair. 

Another big advantage of the Purple Portable is how well it manages heat. The grid of polymer allows for air to circulate nicely, even after hours of use. You can drive all day without getting a sweaty backside.

The biggest complaint is from heavier users, who have reported the lighter models can buckle under pressure. Not only that, but the Purple Portable’s compactness is a bit of a weakness – big people might find the cushion itself too small to even sit on.

Either way, the Purple Portables are easily among the most expensive options on this list, and represent a serious commitment to back health. For the price, you also get a one year warranty, free shipping and a 30 day trial period with free returns.

Plus, you get a nice cover to hide the weird plastic grid thing.

Clever Yellow Driving Comfort Cushion

clever yellow car seat cushion

In short…

An expensive driving cushion that delivers some smart technology perfect for anyone who deals with leg and back pain from long periods of sitting. Excellent for people needing lumbar support, heavier customers or anyone who experiences pain in the legs. It is, however, quite the investment.


You’ve heard of the Portable Purple, but what about the Clever Yellow? This wedge cushion hides two pressurized air cells, which serve to induce micro-movements while you sit. The concept here is that if you keep moving, your body muscles stay strong.

Over the long term, this reduces your susceptibility to chronic pain from sitting to create the best seat cushion for long distance driving – or at least, that’s the idea.

The Clever Yellow has a bit of a cult following among truck drivers, though it’s a bit weird to use at first. The air cells will keep your bottom moving around, which can be an unpleasant experience for the first few days.

Stick with it though, and you’ll come to discover the Clever Yellow has a smart plan: after a few days, your muscles will be trained up to handle the micro-movements, and you won’t even notice them anymore. 

Instead, you’ll find a soft, easy to use driving cushion that will keep you comfortable even after hours on the road. Its wedge design makes it great for anyone with lumbar problems, experiences leg pain after hours of driving or just needs a seat cushion for car trips.

Along with the air cell technology, the Clever Yellow also has a cooling mesh for heat distribution, an adjustable strap to keep it fast to the chair, a wipe clean cover and a non-flatten design.

This means the Clever Yellow is pretty durable, and won’t lose its shape even when flattened, folded or otherwise tossed about a bit. Speaking of packaging; when the cushion arrives, it might have a weird smell. Just air it out for a day and the smell should dissipate.

Another thing you might notice on arrival is how firm the cushion is. If you’re a lighter person or otherwise need a cushion that you can really sink into, then you may want to give the Clever Yellow a pass. Look for something with memory foam instead, like ComfiLife’s Premium Comfort or Everlasting Comfort memory foam. Both memory foam options will be squishier than the Clever Yellow.

Instead, if you’re a big guy with a big truck, then the Clever Yellow will probably serve you better than any other cushion listed here, making it your best car seat cushion for long distance driving.

Everlasting Comfort Car Seat Cushion

everlasting comfort car seat cushion

In short…

Everlasting Comfort offers outstanding value for around US$25 if you’re looking for something to ease lower back, particularly coccyx, pain and discomfort. Just make sure to wash it before use, and check that it doesn’t stain your car seat.


This long popular memory foam option promises to make your chair fit you like a glove – and it does. The heat responsive memory foam is indeed pretty responsive, forming itself within one or two uses.

If anything, the gel memory foam can be a little too responsive at times; on hot days the cushion gets a bit squishy, while in serious cold it can become a bit of a brick. 

Take note that the raised design will also add around 3″ to your eye level while driving. So if you’re tall, check that you’ve got at least a few inches to spare between your head and roof before considering this one. Otherwise, this is quite a good car seat cushion for height.

Despite adding some notable height to the user, Everlasting Comfort gel seat cushion does a good job of staying in place, thanks to its non-stick rubber base. 

Speaking of negatives, there are a few other downsides to Everlasting Comfort worth considering before you buy. Specifically, heavier users might find the Everlasting Comfort doesn’t provide enough support. This design of car seats cushions has been recommended by orthopedic experts, and features a tailbone cutout to ease lower back pain.

ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion

comfilife car seat cushion

In short…

Very similar to the Aylio Coccyx cushion, Comfilife’s Premium Comfort is a lightweight memory foam option that’s affordable and supportive. Excellent customer service. Also consider their gel-enhanced version.


The Premium Comfort seat is designed for use with both office and car seats, and is compact enough to be easily moved between the two. As the name suggests, it’s actually a very comfortable cushion, while still promoting good posture. This makes the Premium Comfort feel particularly supportive, despite being one of the more compact options on this list.

The Premium Comfort is suitable for reducing pain related to a number of lower back issues. Likewise, it can also be helpful for anyone who simply has to spend long periods of time either at the desk or behind the steering wheel. It’s particularly good with sciatica pain.

ComfiLife uses a high density memory foam that’s lightweight but fairly durable. Like with Everlasting Comfort, you’re going to notice the cushion will be firmer in cold weather, and noticeably softer in the heat.

After a few hours of use, it can absorb your body heat and loosen up a bit too much, thus losing some support. Likewise, the foam doesn’t handle heavier users particularly well. The foam is covered by a zippered case that’s machine washable. It also comes with a useful handle to make it easier to move from the car to office.

Even the best car seat for long distance driving needs something to make it more comfortable, and either the Aylio or this one will do well. 

Lastly, it’s worth pointing out that while the Premium Comfort does a good job as a memory foam cushion, ComfiLife also has a slightly pricier gel enhanced version of its cushions for car seats. The idea of the gel is to control heat distribution, and keep the memory foam from getting loose after a few hours of use. 


How can I make my car seat softer?

Short of buying a new car, you can either cover a padded seat cover or an orthopedic cushion like one of those listed above..

How can I make my driver seat more comfortable?

Most discomfort caused while driving comes from sitting in positions that just aren’t right for your height. Before buying a cushion or similar, try adjusting the height and position of your car seat. Also, don’t forget to adjust your steering wheel position. Also consider investing in neck support.

What’s the best best car seat cushion for hip pain?

For its price, the ComfiLife Coccyx Cushion is perhaps the best pick if you’re looking for relief from hip pain during long drives. Bear in mind that you should consult your doctor for your specific case.

What are the best car seat cushions for long trips?

If you’re dealing with regular roadtrips that involve long periods behind the wheel, then the Clever Yellow car seat cushion makes a lot of sense. It’s a big investment, but will help maintain your back health for years into the future.

Which are the best car memory foam seat cushions?

If you’re just looking for a decent memory foam cushion to ease the normal pain and discomfort that comes with long periods of sitting, then opt for Everlasting Comfort. This memory foam cushion is great value for money, and performs at the same level as most of its pricier competitors.

Which are most comfortable car seat cushions?

The most important question and the trickiest. Depending on your health and specific circumstances, any of thee above cushions could be the comfiest. If you like a hard car cushion with lots of support, then the Clever Yellow is easily going to be the most comfortable for you. On the other hand, the Purple Portable wins out for lighter bodies. Not only is it like sitting on a cloud of rubbery polymers, it’s also cool and refreshing, thanks to Purple Portable’s design that allows for plenty of air circulation.

Conclusion and Winner

Any of the car seat cushions for long distance driving featured in this review will make your trip more comfortable, but as mentioned at the beginning you should look into the fine print.

If you’re not very tall and have the budget the Purble Car Seat Cushion will make a huge difference, but we prefer to save some money when we can and made the Gel Enhanced Comfilife Cushion our favorite.


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