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Discovering Spain: How to Explore Spain While on a Budget?

If you're a first-time traveler or want to make the best of your budget trip, Spain might be your best destination. Spain, or the Kingdom of Spain, is a country in Europe that's home to many popular cities. Each one boasts an abundance of picturesque landscapes and beaches that you can enjoy. So whether you're visiting to relax or to seek thrills, Spain has it all. Moreover, the country is filled with rich histories you can explore as you interact with the locals.

The main problem now comes down to the expenses. In general, traveling will cost a lot, and if you're not prepared for the possible expenses, it might cost you even more. So, the key to every budget trip is to thoroughly prepare and be aware of the exact things you'll need. There are different ways to explore the country for the Spain trip without spending beyond your budget.

Consider the Best Day to Fly

The primary reason for considering which day to fly is to determine how much time you have to prepare for the flight. It will allow you to book everything you'll need in advance and prepare an excellent itinerary to maximize your trip.

To have better preparation, book your flight a couple of months or a few weeks before your desired day. There are airlines where you can book a flight ticket at a much lower price if you get one a few months earlier. There are even airlines that allow people to book their tickets a year in advance!

If you've finally decided for a day to book a flight, it will give you considerable time to compare prices from different sites. There may be an airline offering better prices compared to the first site you've visited, which helps you prevent impulse buying.

Plan Your Itinerary Carefully

Spain is a country filled with exciting places, and to explore each one, you'll need a proper itinerary. Having a good itinerary will help you save money and prevent you from acting on impulse.

Still, you can stray away a little and try out other things that are not part of your plan since this is your trip, after all! Just ensure you're not spending too much and have complete control of your finances.

In relation to that, you shouldn't miss Spain's famous museums that offer free hours. You'll not have to pay admission fees in these places, and you can enjoy your time filling yourself with their rich history. So when preparing for the itinerary, don't forget to search about places in Spain and their free hours.

Book for Hostels or Pensiones for A Budget-Friendly Accommodation

Another significant expense when traveling is your accommodation. It can be hard to find good sleeping quarters that fit your preferences, one that's affordable and comfortable. Fortunately, Spain also offers different accommodations where you can stay several nights comfortably, which are much cheaper than the hotels.

Hostels. Hostels are famous for backpack travelers and people who want to save money. They offer affordable beds like a dormitory, and some establishments also present free breakfast. However, their popularity makes it best to book your bed in advance to secure your spot.

Pensiones. Pensiones are closely similar to hotels, but they are rated a few stars lower in comparison. Still, they provide quality service that's worth your money. If unsure, you can read reviews online to learn about their past customers' experiences.

Learn About How You'll Go Around

Spain is home to many wonderful cities and attractions. However, to explore the country, you'll need to find an efficient way to move around. Although renting a car would be the best choice, it's not really budget-friendly. Also, prevent getting in too many taxis because it might affect your budget.

Your best options are metro systems, buses, and trains. Fortunately, some famous cities in Spain have extensive metro systems and this is the cheapest mode of transportation you can take. Next, the bus is also an excellent way to travel between cities at a much more affordable price, but you'll need to bear a long ride. Still, you don't necessarily have to worry about this because most buses offer outlets and free Wifi that you can utilize during the trip.

On the other hand, trains are also a considerable budget-friendly option. The RENFE is the national rail line in Spain, offering both regular and high-speed trains. You need to expect the latter one to be more expensive, but the ride is much quicker. To grab discounts for a RENFE ticket, consider booking online in advance.

Avoid Eating in Restaurants

Eating out at some of Spain’s best restaurants can allow you to savor the country’s best cuisines. The only catch is, it could cost you. As rich as its history, Spain is also home to culture and good foods. If you’re on a budget and want to take on a whole new experience, try to eat with the locals and visit small eateries serving local foods.

Final Thoughts

The most challenging part when visiting other countries is the expenses that come with it. However, if you make the necessary preparations, it wouldn't be too hard to stay within your budget and still have the best memories. So, if you're visiting Spain, it would help you if you keep all these things in mind to help you create a fun and enjoyable time while on a budget.


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