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5 Family Adventures You Need to Try

Africa is a magnificent and diverse continent with a variety of habitats and climates. Africa is full of adventures, and it is bliss to travel to Africa. Vacation in Africa must be planned in a way that you get to see the most incredible wildlife.

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To make you travel adventure easier in Africa, I have listed some adventures that you should definitely try with your family. You are definitely going to have a breathtaking trip with your family if you include these adventures in your travel plan.

  • Morocco
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Madagascar
  • South Africa
  • Namibia


 Morocco is so good for wandering around as you can see a lot of beauty. Morocco has a fantastic coastline of the Atlantic, the magnificent Atlas snow-capped mountains, and the sand dunes of the Sahara desert. Adventures to do in Morocco:

  • Desert camping: You can camp in the Sahara desert as it is just some hours away from Marrakech. The ultimate sunrise and sunset across the sand dunes make your heart happy. And not to forget the beautiful sky full of stars that are rare in our metro cities.
  • Take a hike in the Atlas Mountains: Hiking in the mountain village of Imlil gives you a magical experience with its small settlements in these beautiful peaks of Atlas. You can also hike to the highest point – ‘Mount Toubkal’   
  • Yoga and surfing: You can see a lot of people surfing on the natural shores near Agadir. There are also a lot of yoga retreats along the shores, which is a perfect place to relax and explore your inner self. 
  • Visit Tazekka National park: This national park is a perfect place if you want to be in the laps of nature. It has hidden waterfalls which you can find while hiking in the caves. You can experience a beautiful but mysterious underground world here.


Kenya is the perfect place if you are looking to go for a family safari. Here you can enjoy a lot of adventures that you cannot experience anywhere else. You can see the cutest elephants in Nairobi and even adopt one. Fascinating, isn’t it?

You and your family can also experience the amazing camel safari under the magical sky which takes the safari on a whole new level. You can also explore the sensational landscapes while on horseback, which is an ultimate experience of a luxury Kenyan safari. To add to the adventure, you can take a tour of Kenya in the biplane while sitting in the open cockpit.

Then comes the Masai Mara reserve, here you can experience a variety of birds and animals at once. And the best of all, your family trip is incomplete without visiting the Giraffe Centre. You can have the ultimate experience of feeding the giraffe and also kissing them. It is a completely thrilling experience for adults and kids as well.      


Uganda is full of diverse cultures. If you are with kids, then they can learn a lot about different cultures here. Uganda has a lot of different game parks and a huge number of adventure places.

The main attraction of Uganda is its gorilla trekking experience. You can have a thrilling trek to find the most exotic gorillas and chimps. These gorillas are entertaining to watch, and this one kind of experience. You can also encounter the tree climbing lions if you got lucky in the Queen Elizabeth National Park.     

Here you can find crater lakes, waterfalls, and rivers. There are other national parks also such as Kibale national park, Murchison falls national park where you can view unique birds and animals. In Uganda, you will have the pleasure of watching a wide range of wildlife such as zebras, lions, elephants, chimps, and so on.


Madagascar is developed in a whole different way. You may not find the big animals such as lions, zebras, hippos, etc., but you may find the small unique creatures. This land has a variety of cute little creatures such as insects, butterflies, chameleons, etc.

The island is an excellent place for a short, Madagascan family wildlife adventure holiday. The family safaris in Madagascar are totally on foot. If you have any kids in the family, they are going to love it. There is a wide range of spiny forests and a variety of jungles.

The insects here are different in sizes which means it can be as big as your hand or even as small as your fingernail. One of the main attractions of the family safari tour in Madagascar is the lemurs that dwell on the trees. The lemurs there have become human friendly over the years, which mean you can have a very close encounter with them.

South Africa

South Africa is jaw-droppingly one of the best places for magnificent landscapes. It has a remarkable quality of flora and fauna on its Garden Route located along the south-western coastline of South Africa.

In South Africa, you can visit the little Meerkats. While in Oudtshoorn, you also get the opportunity to spot the ostriches. South Africa has some wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else.

You can also go kayaking, or even sight some dolphins and whales in the Plettenberg Bay. If you are a real adventure freak, then get ready to jump for your life at the highest Bunjee jump in the world at the Bloukrans Bridge.

In South Africa the safaris are malaria-free, and now you can also opt for a self-drive safari with your family. Isn’t it so cool? Driving around by yourself. South Africa is undoubtedly a perfect place for a power pack adventure for your family.


Namibia is a mixture of different experiences that you cannot do anywhere else in Africa. The activities here are very different than those of other places.

Namibia also gives you the experience of a beach holiday. The Skeleton Coast in northern Namibia is a very wild place to visit. It is quite expensive but a different experience. The wildlife on this coast is on a different level. Here you may find desert-adapted lion and elephant, jackal, giraffe and brown hyena roaming around in the sand dunes and river valleys. Living here will add a little rich touch to your family adventure.

In Namibia, you can also go kayaking with seals in the Walvis Bay. This beautiful activity can be experienced in Namibia only. You can also feed the flamingos and pelicans in the salts farms and the wetlands. In the whole, Namibia is a very unique land with unique experiences.


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