How to Find Cheap Flights: Step 2 Low Cost Carriers

Part 2 of our How to Find Cheap Flights series ( Part 1 explains how to use travel search engines) looks into low cost carriers and their benefits despite the bad reputation they unfortunately have. No matter what you think they are an alternative you should never skip because high prices have always been an obstacle to long distance travel- until these low cost airlines (aka low cost carrierss) appeared. With the introduction of these low cost carriers it is no longer a matter of “can” I travel but “when”: booking with enough time in advance can result in very cheap (sometimes even free!) flights: many times I have ended up paying much less for a low cost flight than I would have for a bus or train ticket. Finding a low cost flight is not always easy though: low cost carriers appear and disappear quickly, flights are full early, some might exude safety concerns, and perhaps ironically but most important many of them remain unknown to the potential traveller.

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Where do I start?

My first stop is always

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the best and only true low cost search engine in my opinion (click logo above to visit their site). I particularly love their ” I am in X city and want to fly aywhere” option for short escapes. I have embeded their flight search widget for your convenience- it works like any other flight search engine. Still, is one of theirs your best option? If I find what I think is a good deal I look no further. I have saved lot of time and have my cheap flight. If I don’t, or I’m not sure, I then check the individual airline sites which less infrequently also have a minimum price policiy

low cost carriers

Worldwide Low Cost Airlines

Looking for a cheap flight by visiting each airline site is a bit more labor intenssive, but not that bad. In any case I have already saved you lot of time because below these lines you will find tables that provide a low cost airlines list of low cost carriers worldwide organized by continent, country and with a short description of where they fly to. The image below is an example of one of such tables, and underneath it you will find the links to the downloadable files. Save them in your computer, print them out or email them to a friend ( they are completely FREE) , and learn more on how to find cheap flights by reading  How to Find Cheap Flights Step 3: Round the World and Single Continent Passes

low cost airlines list

These are your free downloadable low cost airlines lists of worlwide  low cost carriers (In PDF format- if you don’t have the Adobe reader get it for free here). Happy travels!

[download id=”1″ format=”1″]

[download id=”2″ format=”1″]

[download id=”3″ format=”1″]

[download id=”4″ format=”1″]

What low cost carriers have you flown with? How would you rate your experience? Remember to share with us any more travel tips you have on how to find cheap flights- we will appreciate any ideas!

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