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The Traveler’s Guide to Staying Fit: Essential Exercising Tips

Travel plans can disrupt your fitness routine. If you let that happen, it might take a while for you to return to your normal fitness routine, even after your trip is over. Although you can’t follow your daily fitness routine exactly on the days you travel, you can make some modifications and keep making progress toward your fitness goals.

Exercising during your travels can actually be beneficial for combatting travel-related aches and strains, fatigue, and jet lag. You will, most likely, be in unfamiliar surroundings, so you will need to use a little bit of creativity to increase your activity levels.

You know what they say “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Even before you start from home, you should have at least a rough plan for maintaining your fitness. Incorporate these tips and draw a customized fitness plan for yourself:

Select a Fitness-Friendly Hotel

These days, it’s very easy to check out the place where you are planning to stay. Just a quick search online, and you can find out all about the hotels. Select a hotel with exceptional fitness offerings.

If you can’t find a hotel with a gym, or if their timings do not suit your needs, choose a hotel with a gym nearby. You can check out the area around the hotel using online maps. If there is no gym near the hotel, check what other fitness activities are possible in that area. 

Check if there’s a cycling track around, a fitness class, or even a park. Some hotels even offer guided fitness tours. Even if you have to spend a little extra on a hotel that can help you maintain your fitness, consider it an investment in your health.

Pack Some Exercise Gear

If you are traveling for work, or if you have a packed itinerary, you may not be able to hit the gym. For such situations, it’s better to carry your portable gym with you. Carry lightweight, small exercise tools in your luggage. The mere presence of these in your luggage will motivate you to work out.

If you have work during the day, you can work out with these in the comfort of your hotel room at night.

These are some of the more popular travel-friendly exercise gear options: Resistance bands, a travel suspension trainer, a jump rope, water-fillable dumbbells, a foam roller, a hand gripper, a yoga mat, and tennis balls.

Perform Bodyweight Exercises

If plan A was the gym, and plan B was the portable exercise gear, this is your no-fail plan C. You may not be able to go to the gym, and you may not be able to carry any exercise equipment, but you always have yourself. Bodyweight exercises depend only on the weight of your body for resistance. Additionally, bodyweight exercises have variations suitable for different fitness levels.

Your workout can be as intense or as light as you like. You can take your workout outdoors, and gain the added benefit of fresh air. Moreover, the scenic landscape will take your workouts (and during and post-workout pics and selfies) to the next level.

Enhance the effects of your workouts with nutritious post-workout supplements. The supplements will provide insurance against the imperfections of your travel diet.

Opt for Active Transportation

When you are on a trip, whether for work or vacation, you will have to move from place to place. Whenever possible, ditch the car or public transport, and try an active mode of transportation to get wherever you want to reach. Try to walk as much as you can when you go sightseeing.

 Walking allows you to explore places that you can’t possibly reach through the usual means of transportation. Rent a bike, and join guided cycling tours. If you’re good at skateboarding, you could try that.

During trips, transportation contributes significantly to total sedentary time. If it is necessary to remain seated in a car, or other means of transport for a long time, try safe exercises such as neck stretches, shoulder rolls, seated leg lifts, ankle rotations, and isometric contractions.

Use Your Smart Devices

Your phone, tab, and smartwatch can help you remain on track with your fitness goals even in new places. Use these devices to track your activity levels, monitor your progress, and access fitness resources online. Install special fitness and nutrition apps on your devices to increase your motivation for your fitness goals.

 Smart devices make it possible for you to join live fitness classes from anywhere in the world. Or you could follow recorded videos for workouts or guided meditations.

Wrapping Up

Trips do not and should not mean a break from fitness activities. In fact, exercising can improve travel experiences. By exercising, you’ll be more energetic and ready for your adventures. If it’s a work trip, exercising can help relieve stress naturally and boost your mood. You’ll also sleep better, and wake up fresh.

You can also balance your food indulgences with a corresponding increase in activity levels. Exercising can also strengthen your immune system, so you won’t fall sick during your travels. The list of benefits can go on and on. To derive these benefits and more, incorporate exercise into your travel itinerary.

The Traveler's Guide to Staying Fit: Essential Exercising Tips
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The Traveler's Guide to Staying Fit: Essential Exercising Tips
What are some tips to stay fit when traveling? These exercises will help you keep your body fit while on the road for some time.
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