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Hotel La Puertecita San Miguel de Allende (Review)

Hotel La Puertecita is a retreat just outside the colonial center of Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende. The hotel is aimed at providing boutique, retreat-style accommodation with classic Mexican décor. This is one of the most popular spots in San Miguel de Allende for health spa retreats, and the friendly staff really make the trip worthwhile. They also specialize in alternative therapies, including stone chakra treatments and rose petal body wraps.

hotel la puertecita

The rooms are very spacious and have great decor.


  • Quiet location
  • Great staff
  • Incredible décor
  • Health spa and alternative therapies available
la puertecita hotel

Having fun with Teo in the bathtub


La Puertecita has four room types, including suites and guest rooms. The junior and standard suites are fairly similar, with both sleeping a maximum of two guests. The main difference is that the juniors are located in the oldest part of the historic hotel, and come with private garden terraces. Meanwhile, the standard suites are adorned with fireplaces, and come with a reasonably sized living area. All suites include kitchenettes, showers, cable TV and en suite bathrooms.

Guest rooms also come in two varieties: the king rooms and deluxe kings. Both rooms are the same size as the suites, with the standards offering commanding views of the garden. The deluxe rooms also have their own private balconies. We loved all the space we had, and found the rooms and hotel ideal for families visiting San Miguel de Allende with kids (despite the stairs).

la puertecita hotel

The suites are very spacious, with lots of attention to detail and ideal if you're traveling with a little kid.

All rooms are wonderfully decorated, with carved timber furnishings and traditional, colorful Mexican textiles. Every inch of this place feels like it’s been lovingly sculpted into a work of art. The end result is accommodation that’s both soothing for the soul and a feast for the eyes.

Other facilities

La Puertecita is far more than the sum of its rooms; its real appeal comes in the well-tended gardens and beautiful colonial-style architecture. Everywhere, the retreat is filled with the sounds of trickling waterfalls and the songs of native birds. In case you can’t tell, it’s hard not to fall in love with this place at first sight, but the best is yet to come.

Arguably the biggest draw card here is the array of health spa and therapy services. Some of La Puertecita’s specialties include body massages, rose petal extract wraps, exfoliation treatments, chakra treatments with hot stones and facials. They also have a pool and jacuzzi, and can organize tours in San Miguel de Allende and surrounding areas. Some popular options include horseback riding and hot-air balloon trips.

hotel la puertecita

We did use the swimming pool! Teo loved playing in the water.

hotel la puertecita mexico

Bubble time!


La Puertecita’s location is both its best and perhaps worst feature. If you want to be in the middle of the action, then this hotel isn’t for you. Located around 10 minutes from the city center, La Puertecita certainly isn’t the most central choice in San Miguel de Allende, with plenty of their competitors huddling around the main plaza.

On the other hand, La Puertecita’s pleasant location in a quiet neighborhood does have charms of its own. For one, it’s significantly quieter than the city center, which can get pretty loud during peak season. So if you’re eager to get away from the throngs of tourists who descend on this little town over the vacation season, then La Puertecita is for you.


Hotel La Puertecita is Mexico's first Boutique Hotel, and while it does have some years to it maintenance is top notch, allowing it to exude charm and comfort like few other hotels can. While its location can be good or bad depending on your preferences, we did appreciate the quiet surroundings- while being just five minutes away from downtown anyhow. If you're traveling with kids you'll appreciate the ample rooms and the pool, and if you're not you'll also love its exquisite antique decor and impeccable service. The hotel is a winner no matter how your traveling, but if you want to party in town this is not your place to stay- and I wouldn't want noisy neighbors if I was staying here anyhow. 


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