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Krakow For You Apartments Review

When visiting Krakow I recommend you stay as close as possible to the city center, or what is know as Old Town. It is here that everything happens, in and around the Main Square that dates back to the 13th century. And while there are some hotels and many apartments to choose from, we stayed in Krakow For You Apartments and highly recommend them for several reasons.

krakow apartment for family baby

A view of the courtyard at night.

Krakow For You Apartments on Grodzka 4

Krakow For You Apartments provides some of the most convenient and enriching accommodations Krakow has to offer. I found the team to be extremely friendly, accommodating and seasoned professionals, while the apartment are centrally located in the heart of Krakow allowing you to enjoy the many amenities and features these apartments offer. And not only that: the apartments facing the street are from the 15th century, how’s that! I was completely stoked to learn that I was living in the same place other people were more than 500 years ago!

We stayed at Apartmenthouse Grodzka, one of the most in demand accommodations Krakow apartments offers. In particular, we had the opportunity to stay in two apartments: the Silver Apartment and the Jasper Apartment, both of which are excellent facilities, yet different (the main difference is that the one faces the street, the other the inside patio. Each has advantages and disadvantages). To help you determine which apartment will best suit your needs, here is a comprehensive overview of both units.

Silver Apartment: Rooms

The Silver Apartment boasts spacious living quarters and is ideal for a party of four people. It consists of a living room, a kitchen, an independent bedroom, and a bathroom. The entire apartment is well furnished and its simplistic but stylish decor creates a welcoming atmosphere. In particular, the living room has ample seating as it is furnished with armchairs, a folding sofa, and a dining table with chairs. The bedroom features a comfortable bed and also contains a wardrobe and a large mirror. The kitchen annexe is equipped with the essential kitchen utilities such as a fridge, a cooker, a kettle, dishes, and cutlery. The fact that the bedroom is independent allowed is to put Teo (our 1 year old baby) to sleep while we watched some TV or worked online.

krakow holiday apartments family

General view of the Silver Apartment, with Teo playing in the background

Silver Apartment: Facilities

The flat provides all the facilities of a hotel, but in the comfort and security of a private living space. During your stay, you can enjoy internet access and a large selection of television channels, as well as Wi-Fi.

krakow holiday apartment family


krakow apartment holiday family

The bedroom. It's somewhat small, but has enough space for a baby crib and (very important) independent from the rest of the living quarters.

Silver Apartment: Location

The apartment is conveniently located in the heart of Krakow in Ulica Grodzka, on the 3rd floor of the building. It is perfectly situated in the Royal Route, placing it within walking distance of the Market Square which you can see out the window. As a result, guests can experience the enticing atmosphere of Old Town while also venturing off to other destinations because there is an abundance of nearby transportation facilities. It does have a couple of drawbacks though. Being in the 3rd floor allows for some great views, but there is no elevator, hence carrying the luggage is a bit of a pain if you have a big suitcase or several of them. And while the views are fantastic, the street tends to get busy early in the morning, meaning light sleepers will probably be awakened by horse chariots or other noises.  During the day though looking out the window is always exciting!

Jasper Apartment: Rooms

The Jasper Apartment is optimal for a smaller group as it comfortably accommodates two people. Despite being a smaller living area, the apartment contains all the essentials for a comfortable stay. There is one bedroom with a double bed, a bathroom with a shower, and a kitchenette equipped with a refrigerator, an electric cooker, a kettle, and a sink.

krakow apartment family with baby

Room layout

Jasper Apartment: Facilities

During your stay you can also enjoy the many facilities this apartment feature including  high-speed internet connection, a large selection of television channels, an iron for pressing your clothes, and it conveniently has a desk for travelers who need to work (like me).

krakow apartment family

The bed.

Jasper Apartment: Location 

The apartment is situated on the second floor of the apartment house at the Royal Route Grodzka, making it a less than thirty second walk from the Market Square. It is also in the inner building, meaning that it doesn’t have the street views but is also quieter and darker in the mornings. If you are seeking transport during your stay, there are nearby city bus and tram stops (approximately three minutes walking distance). There is also a nearby taxi stand and the main railway is only a fifteen minute walk. For those with their own vehicle, there is a guarded car park only three-hundred metres away.

krakow apartments

They do make you feel comfortable and helped. Image from used with their approval.


Krakow Apartments offers exceptional living quarters that other companies cannot match in price or quality. These two apartments in particular offer spacious rooms and excellent facilities that will ensure your stay is a pleasant one. All the staff is very welcoming and friendly, willing to help you in any way they can. Furthermore, both the Silver and Jasper apartments are conveniently located right in the center of Krakow (one of the best places to visit in Poland), giving you the ability to explore all the cultural surroundings and less than a minute away from convenience stores, shops, restaurants for all budgets and more. And here’s another tip: the first door to the left of the apartments leads to Lajkonik Piekarnia I Kawiarnia, a fabulous local bakery that also serves buffet meals all day long. The food is mostly traditional polish, very tasty and billed by weight! Extremely good value.

Krakow For You Apartments

Address: 4 Grodzka Street, Krakow, Poland

Phone: +48 12 4214835 and (mobile) +48 660 541 085



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