April 22

Going Big: the Deuter Traveller 80+10 Backpack Review

UPDATE: This backpack has been replaced by the Deuter Voyager 65+10

The Deuter Traveller 80+10 is an extended travel (not trekking) large volume backpack for the world traveler with plenty of compartments to help organize gear and a daypack for short trips.

Why Did I Choose the Deuter 80+10?

Since I first began backpacking around the world in 2001 I’ve been using my Eagle Creek Grand Voyager backpack, a large 90L backpack with a daypack that has been with me in 5 continents and more than 50 countries. I’m actually surprised that the backpack has been with me for so long, but the time to get a new one has come. I could still use it a bit longer, but while most of the zippers are working and so is the backpack in general the inner lining is falling apart, getting my clothes and gear dirty.

As I was familiar with Eagle Creek and their products my first idea was to buy their updated model of the Grand Voyager. I learned however that the current model is the second one that has been released since I bought mine, and surprisingly it has less features and few improvements than their previous one. Looking around for another alternative I discovered the Deuter 80+10, and while it is a little bit on the heavy side it did appear to be a better end product for the same price.

The Deuter Traveller 80+10

Starting this week my new travel companion will be the Deuter Traveler 80+10, a large backpack with a daypack that of course has all the features a good backpack should have and I always look for, including:

  • Lockable zippers
  • Has a daypack
  • It is front load
  • Has compartments to organize my stuff
  • Adjustable back straps

This model in particular has a few features the other did not have, including and expandable main area and a shoulder strap; while the first is one that I will certainly use I don’t expect to use the shoulder strap too often. And  just yesterday I found out that the daypack is large enough to fit my Nikon D90 DSLR and other photography gear, allowing me to leave behind the other camera backpack I have been traveling with  and making my trip much more comfortable.

Unfortunately not all is beautiful with the Deuter 80+10, as it is a bit heavy, weighing 7 lbs 10 oz or 3.5 kg. This extra weight could be a problem as it limits what you can carry when flying in places such as South East Asia where only 20 km of checked luggage are  allowed.

In any case, watch the video review below for an in-depth look into this backpack and you can check it out on amazon here

Was this review useful for you? What backpack do you use? Do you prefer small or large backpacks?




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  1. Hi

    How is the rucksack holding up ? Currently have Vango freedom 80 top loader old (13yrs old) syle, but looking for front loader which Vango freedom new style has. However few reports that Vango quality has dropped, hence my question are yoy happy still with your rucksack ? Cheers David

    1. Hi David, sorry for taking so long to respond. The backpack was holding great…until it was robbed several months ago. I had no problems with it, nothing had broken and was happy with it, but I no longer have it. Currently I have an Eagle Creek Deviate 85 L. It’s lighter than the Deuter but the soft sides aren’t of much help when it’s open as things fall out. Here is a link to my review https://www.maitravelsite.com/eagle-creek-deviate-85l-review/. Again sorry for the late reply!

  2. Hello!
    Thanks for the review, it is really interesting.

    I have on doubt: I’m a 175 cm girl, and I’m thinking about buying the 2011 model of this backpack from a friend. But I was concerned that it is not and SL model. IS there a big difference between the SL model and the regular one?

    Thnaks you so much,


    1. Hi Julie! As per Deuter’s website, “SL women-specific fit system consists of waist-belt anchor points that are set closer together and slightly curved upward, a pre-curved waist-belt in a conical shape, narrow shoulder width, and S-shaped shoulder straps”. In my opinion there must be a difference in the fit, although perhaps not as noticeable except the “s” shaped should straps? I would say that if you’re not a pro traveller, your friend’s is in very good shape and you can get it for a good price it is probably a good buy. This said this backpack is quite big, and despite you being tall you’re probably not as strong as males your size (not discriminating here, females usually have a lower percentage of muscle mass :)). If for that price or thereabouts you can find the 65+10 or 70+10 I would get one of these better. Hope this helps!

  3. Hi there

    My son leaves next week to travel in the south of France & Italy for at least 6 months.

    How did you find the weight of the bag whilst travelling & the size with regards to space maybe on public transport?

    1. Hello Pauline,

      This backpack is not the lightest in the market, but then it is one of the largest. Weight was not a problem for me as when well placed you carry it on your hips, not your shoulders, and thus is no big deal. As for size when using public transportation you just have to be a bit careful with other people and that’s it. I’ve been using it in Finland, New York’s bus and subway, Mexico…and still have to encounter a problem. The only thing is that because of its size it cannot be considered as a carry on on a flight, which may be a problem for some (specially with Ryanair flights and the sort) but that’s about it. It’s a great backpack, mind you, and I’m sure it will last me for many years. Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks, the video & your information has been very helpful.

        Is it waterproof or have a rain cover of some sorts?

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