July 18

Portugal: Mares Vivas 2013

The eleventh annual Mares Vivas Festival (also known as the Baywatch Festival) will be taking place between the 18th – 20th July, and this year, like every other, it’s sure to be a weekend not to be missed. If you want to combine Mares Vivas 2013 with a relaxing break, First Choice have a number of all-inclusive packages on offer, (First Choice all inclusive holidays to Portugal).

This year’s line-up

The Smashing Pumpkins are the headliners for the Friday of the festival and they always put on an incredible show. The band celebrate their 25th anniversary this July and only Billy Corgan remains of the original line-up but this doesn’t really matter as the sound is as great as ever and they are getting stunning write-ups for their current tour. From Mares Vivas, the Pumpkins are going on to play Wembley Arena, so why not catch them in Portugal for a fraction of the price. Also on offer on the Friday are Bush and Beware of Darkness, in many other festivals, headliners in their own right, so this is a night to remember. An altogether gentler vibe permeates Saturday, with singer-songwriter James Morrison is the headliner, with great support from La Roux. On Sunday it is back to hearing the noise as 30 Seconds to Mars take the audience into their own very special dark world. All in all, a spectacular line-up and don’t forget there is a second stage as well – all this in perfect weather and a lovely setting.

Check out the Kaiser Chiefs perform last year:


How much are they? And where can I get them? Well, you’ll be glad to know that €30 for a day ticket and €60 for the whole three days, Mares Vivas tickets are among the cheapest in Europe. You can buy them here.

How to get there

Cabedelo beach in Vila Nova de Gaia is at the mouth of the Duoro River in Portugal and is a very popular beach destination. All Portuguese beaches are lovely and this is no exception but unlike some it doesn’t take ages to get there from the airport and if you are going out there for the festival and not for a longer holiday, it is very do-able for that reason. With flights to Oporto leaving from many UK destinations and for as little as £50 or so, it won’t add much to the cost of the festival tickets (which are pretty much as cheap as you’ll find!) Accommodation is really reasonable too; with Portugal like much of the Euro Zone being in the grip of a financial crisis it is cheap to eat out and stay there, so you can have a great beach holiday with the bonus of some great music. Those travelling from London Gatwick can also save by taking the Gatwick Express straight to the airport.

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Previous festivals

The Mares Vivas has had some amazing bands in the past and they are building on their reputation as the years go by. Last year, when they celebrated their tenth anniversary, the headliners included Franz Ferdinand, The Cult, Garbage, Gogol Bordello and Anastacia, like 2013, a very mixed program with something to please everyone. Xutos and Kicks, Manu Chao, Moby, Skunk Anansie, Expensive Soul and The Cranberries wowed the crowds in 2011 and 2010 featured the amazing Ben Harper, Placebo and Goldfrapp. For many people, the Mares Vivas festival is the best smaller festival in Europe and they plan their holiday around the event. Even before the line-up is announced, they know that they will be in for a weekend of incredible music without the worry of being rained off – something that the Isle of Wight, Glastonbury and the Bestival can’t promise, thanks to the British weather!

Are you going? Are you there? Have you been there? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and let us know what you like and don’t about this festival!


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