February 14

Review: Apartments Suites Santa Cruz in Seville, Spain

Being the largest and probably most important city of Andalucia Seville has no shortage of accommodation options, ranging from budget hostels to top notch hotels. But with so much to choose from, what is your best bet and, perhaps most important, where in the city should you stay in?

Our apartment in the Barrio of Santa Cruz, Seville

When planning my trip to Seville I checked online to see what options there are and their price ranges, and something that struck my attention very early in the search was the prices; for some reason hotels in Seville are much more affordable than what they are in many other cities despite it being as “touristy” as it is. You can find apartments and four star hotels for under 70 USD per night, something I found quite surprising. So what did we do? We spent one night in an apartment and one in a hotel.

apartment santa cruz seville
Our apartment in use

We spent our first night in an apartment, smack in the middle of the Barrio de Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz neighborhood) and just a 5 minute walk from the Giralda. Our apartment was in an old building that had been renovated on the inside and had both traditional and modern furniture, giving it a unique appearance as you can see in the photos. We were there in January when temperatures range between 4-20 C, and the single heater (AC/heater) was more than capable of warming the room in less than ten minutes. There is ample space for two people, sockets for all electrical appliances,  an LCD TV with remote and the bed was big and comfortable.  The bathroom was a bit on the small side, yet large enough to accommodate one person easily/ two somewhat tight. The shower worked perfectly and there is of course all the hot water you need.

balcony view apartment santa cruz
The view from our balcony

Being apartments there is no food or concierge service on site, however the apartments are managed by nearby boutique Hotel Elvira Plaza, and the staff there is more than happy to provide any help or service you might want. In fact checking in at any of the apartments requires you make your way to this hotel first and they will then walk you to your apartment, less than 2 minutes away.

As for location, all the apartments are in the Barrio de Santa Cruz, which means they are less than ten minutes away from Seville’s Cathedral, Giralda and Alcazar, perhaps the city’s most important attractions. There are plenty of tapas bars nearby that close late in the night and souvenir shops where to buy your  loved ones some gifts, as well as the oldest flamenco show in Seville.

Getting there is easy with public transportation, though you will have to walk eventually as the barrio is pedestrian only. Still, this should not be a problem as taxi drivers will be able to get you really close if you don’t want to walk.


Comfortable, spacious, budget friendly, very well located and appointed and with lots of style Apartaments Suites Santa Cruz are an alternative accommodation option to a hotel, which also abound in the area, though at slightly higher rates. An alternative to hotels, the apartments allow you to be completely independent if you like privacy and you also get a chance to see what an old house in Seville looks like.


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  1. Pictures look very captivating, I am quite sure the place must be worth a visit! I am looking forward to go there with my family this summer. Thanks for the review!

  2. Nice review and pictures captured by you. I have been to that place last year with my fiancée. These apartments are perfect for a family accommodation. It is right in the centre of Barrio S. Cruz which is quite convenient to visit other places. Above all, the staffs over there are very friendly and I appreciate that. Completely valuable in terms of money. Excellent post!

  3. The beauty of these apartments is worth appreciating. They look so clean and neatly done. When we are travelling to places that are far off, the stay becomes a very important part of the trip. A comfortable stay is very much necessary to enjoy the beauty of the place.

  4. Wow thanks for the tips – what a great place to stay. We love the look of Seville; your street photo makes it look so beautiful

  5. The apartments really look airy from what I can see in the pictures provided by you. They are also clean and beautifully desgined. I would love to stay in such a room while I go travelling to Spain. After a long tiring day, one can have the best sleep in this room without missing out on the comfort and luxury factor.

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