July 20

Singapore, Hong Kong or Macau: which would you choose?

It is a fair question that can cause confusion to some people, but to me the answer is quite simple: whether to live or to visit, HK i my number one choice from any of these city/countries.

Singapore is modern, clean and well planned. Macau has a bit of that plus the old quarter and the casinos. But HK has energy, architechture, a walkable harbour, excellent public transportation, great food and shopping, nature, trees, skyscrapers…it has a  bit of everything. It is much larger too and if that is not enough HK is cheaper than Macau or Singapore. Because of all this I make Hong Kong my number one choice by far, hands down.

Hong Kong, my kind of city
Hong Kong, my kind of city


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  1. All the three destinations are superb in their own places. Each contains its uniqueness in the attractions it is home to. In my opinion take a flight to Hong Kong and get hold of the multi attraction destination. Brilliance is what you will see over here from the buildings and the natural beauty.

  2. No había visto esta parte y realmente no me imaginaba que podrías estar en una ciudad protugueza en pleno Thaiwan, ¡felicidades! las fotos estan espectaculares, y los cambios recientes a la página muy buenos, por cierto, que el mapa de visitantes ya aparece con todos los puntos muy claros y las estdisiticas de cada uno tambien.


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