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Speed and Elegance: Car Rental in the UAE

The car rental industry is a significant part of Dubai's tourism. Even some permanent residents of the city prefer leasing from a reputable company to owning it. So, with the high interest in car renting services, the industry must stay on at the top of its game. 

Renty, a high-end Dubai car rental company, is located in the bustling area of Al Quoz, Dubai. This unique location offers Renty central access to Dubai’s visitors and residents. As such,  Renty.ae has made Dubai rent a car — Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ras Al-Khaimah a seamless experience. This article explores more about how Renty stands out as a perfect choice for those seeking speed and elegance in their rental cars.

Unique Features That Distinguish Renty from Its Competitors

Renty’s growth is not accidental. We have carefully carved our image, one rental at a time, until we became an authority among Dubai car rental companies. Renty has a customer-centric approach to its services. So, we tailor personalized, engaging services for each customer. 

Here are some of Renty’s major distinguishing features:

  • Flexible Rental Duration

Renty understands that different customers have different needs. Therefore, approaching car rental as a group service is not a great idea. Knowing this, Renty has curated different rental packages. We did not only focus on catering to taste depending on car type; we also have various rental duration packages for everyone. 

Starting with the hourly rental, you can book a rental vehicle to attend an event without paying for the whole day. If not, how else can you get a Rolls Royce Black Badge for $72? Taking it further, you can enjoy the vehicle without worrying about the time with our daily rental. While our hourly rental helps you save money, hiring daily ensures you do not have to watch your time every minute while out. 

Renty also has weekly and monthly rental plans. You can rent for a few days, some weeks, and even months. Another tremendous rental option is the ‘lease to own’ option. With this, you can have a vehicle at your disposal for years, starting from three years. You do not have to be burdened by the cost. Renty only requests a 20% down payment for your lease. And you will get your leased vehicle within 24 to 48 hours of making a down payment. 

  • Loyalty Rewards and Discounts

Renty values the loyalty of old customers and the trust of new customers. Therefore, there are several periodic discounts and loyalty programs to attract and reward you. Discounts, membership benefits, exclusive offers, and other incentives are available at Renty. 

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Renty has round-the-clock customer support on multiple platforms to address customers' needs. You can get assistance at any time, and there is no time you cannot make a query or inquiries and lodge a complaint. 

Also, Renty.ae understands that Dubai does not cater to the Emiratis alone. As such, we offer multilingual support to enable easy accessibility and communication. Currently, you can view the Renty website in eight languages. This covers a large number of residential Emiratis and visitors. 

Similarly, you can book a Renty ride with USD, AED, or EUR. 

  • More than Just Car Rental 

Renty offers various services beyond car rentals. We understand the need for diversity and luxury. So, we offer services catering to people's needs beyond car rental. 

For instance, we offer chauffeur services, ensuring your car rental services are all-inclusive. If you want the complete feeling of opulence after renting a luxury car, you can opt to use our chauffeur services to get to your location. 

Furthermore, Renty offers a towing service, ensuring your vehicle doesn’t stay in the wrong location for long. You can simultaneously rent a car while getting a towing vehicle if you need to get on with your day after a car breakdown.

Renty also offers buggy tours, enabling you to enjoy an adventurous ride on the sands of Dubai’s desserts. Taking luxury to the peak, Renty offers a yacht renting/charter service. You can enjoy the beauty of Dubai Marina with our yachts. 

Achieve Elegance With Us: An Overview of Renty’s Premium Fleet

Renty understands that Dubai caters to high-end clients. Therefore, we have options to suit their luxurious tastes. Check Renty.ae’s ‘Luxury,’ ‘Prestige,’ or ‘VIP’ section while renting a car to get a vehicle that suits your elegant needs. 

  • Ferrari

Ferrari, a leader among the luxurious vehicles, emphasizes power, style, and a classy look. It is a high-performance Italian sports car that makes driving enjoyable. We have over fifty Ferraris for you to choose from for your powerful drive today. 

  • Lamborghini

Also an Italian car, Lamborghini is an exotic car associated with speed. They are renowned for their high-class designs and powerful engines that make driving them a dream come true. 

Experience the allure of a sleek drive in a Lamborghini by choosing one out of approximately 150 pieces we have available. 

  • Porsche

Blending elegance with cutting-edge technology is the German car, Porsche. These vehicles are known for their exhilarating driving experience, making them the dream of many car enthusiasts. Start a conversation by pulling up in a Porsche from Renty and gain the envy of other car lovers.

  • Rolls Royce

Renty offers over a hundred Rolls Royce vehicles, making it easy to get one to make that grand appearance. Rolls Joyce has been an unparalleled vehicle since the 1900s. The vehicles are handcrafted, and they speak opulence and prestige.


The United Arab Emirates is renowned for its opulence, modern architecture, and lifestyle that combine luxury with efficiency. When it comes to exploring this dynamic region, having a reliable and stylish mode of transportation is key.

However, Renty.ae is your go-to car rental service. We offer a diverse fleet, user-friendly booking process, transparent pricing, and every other thing needed for a seamless car hiring experience. 

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