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Star Apartments Poznan Review

Star Apartments Poznan, Poland

Poznan might be mostly known for its rich history, but Lindo Apartment brings a fresh, crisp modern edge to Poland’s cultural Mecca.

Located in Poznan’s city center, Lindo was less than a year old at the time of writing. Built from the ground up from scratch, the apartment is in many ways a symbol of today’s Poland. It’s classy but not overdone, modern but with a sense of place, welcoming but not overbearing. And if you're visiting Poznan with a baby or family like we were, the space and independence an apartment provides beats any hotel (almost).

Lindo really shines when you consider its great location. On the cusp of Poznan’s central hub, Lindo is just outside the action. The  should be the first port of call for any tourist, and is a short ten minute walk from Lindo. It’s the perfect coffee outing, and is the beating heart of Poznan’s old town. 

Another must see is the , which is more of a live show on everything croissant related. It’s funny, fun and well worth a peek. Other critical pit stops include the imposing architecture of  and the lively National Museum. History buffs should make a bee-line for , which boasts an admirable collection of WWII era vehicles such as tanks and planes.
lindo apartment poznan bedroom

The bedroom, with a crib for the baby besiides the curtain

Our Apartment, Lindo Apartment

Starting with that last point, Lindo is a cozy and tastefully decorated, spacious and private apartment with the support  of a hotel when needed (not on site). Fantastic Justyna was waiting for us upon arrival and provided all the help we needed then and thereafter, while knowing Poznan inside and out.

It was great to arrive and immediately have a local on tap to pump for intel, especially given these locals happen to love chatting about their city. Plus, they have some great services on the side, such as a complimentary first day grocery delivery. Call ahead, and they’ll nip out to the supermarket to stock your fridge up with whatever you want.

The service itself is free, and they just tack the price of the groceries onto your bill. Follow up deliveries are also possible, but at a cost.

Need a crib for your baby? They have those too.

lindo apartment poznan


star apartment poznan

The dining table and kitchen at Lindo apartment


The Apartment

Great staff are one thing, but friendliness doesn’t mean much if the apartment isn’t up to scratch. Luckily, Lindo delivers, and it delivers well. Our apartment was very well furnished, with everything we needed for a casual family stay.

The fully equipped kitchen was a welcome break after travelling through Europe without cooking for weeks.

The bedroom was dominated by the generously sized double king bed, with an even more spacious wardrobe off to one side. In the lounge, there was a pretty massive LCD TV, though it didn’t get much use during my stay.

The bathroom had a washer and dryer, ideal to give our clothes a well needed clean.  It’s also worth mentioning the general aesthetic, which is tasteful but not excessive. The theme here is crisp, white and airy. It’s light, breezy and immediately put me at ease.

Some people might be tempted to slap Lindo with the minimalist label, and indeed it does have the refreshing, chilled vibe of the minimalist movement. However, Lindo is too well furnished to fit perfectly in the minimalist box, so I’d simply call it something along the lines of no-nonsense comfort.

lindo apartment poznan

Another view of the dining table and kitchen

Living room with TV area

My Thoughts

​​Our stay at Star Apartments set a benchmark for the our trip throughout Poland, and even though we stayed at many other great apartments none of them ended up being as comfortable, well located and equipped as Lindo Apartment.

If you're looking for a great place to stay with your family in Poznan  don't look anywhere else as you won't get anything better for the price- which is , by the way, surprisingly affordable.

Website: www.star-apart.com/en/






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