February 6

The Top 4 Best Beaches in Cyprus

The beaches of Cyprus are numerous and varied: white sand or dark sand; pebble or rocky; bustling or isolated; calm or rough waters—the choices are endless. Cheap holidays in Cyprus mean instant relaxation mode where you can beach-hop all day long.

But sometimes, the pressure of finding the most secluded and unspoiled beach is overwhelming and the search defeats the purpose of a vacation in the sun, especially if you have a limited amount of time.

So, here is a step-by-step guide to exploring a few of the island’s magical shores—from popular areas like Paphos to lesser-known areas—for the ultimate Cypriot beach hopping guide. If this is your first time to the island, here’s where you start:

Cape Gkreko in Larnaca

Yes, it’s popular with visitors but to get acquainted with the island, make a requisite first stop at one of the island’s most famous beaches, the resort town of Protaras. (Its neighbouring party town, Ayia Napa is also worth checking out if only to witness the all-night dancing and debauchery.)
Protaras is a series of communities and former fishing villages and like most resort towns it’s touristy and expensive. But despite the cost and the tourists, shimmering blue waters and more than 20 kilometres of white sand can’t even keep the locals away. Here, you’ll find a mix of visitor buzz and local flair so it’s an ideal first stop on your Cypriot beach adventure.

Kourion Beach
Kourion is a colossal archeological find that sits atop a cliff overlooking a long, sandy beach with an ancient amphitheater at its center. Here, theater troupes perform modern operas and Greek dramas in the summer months so after a long day indulging in sand, surf and sea, add a little culture to the mix by catching a performance. Or, if you’re both a sun worshiper and history buff, this beach is for you. From the ruins, it’s a 15-minute walk down to the beach where you’ll discover a serene shore with few tourists. The beach is also a great nighttime spot where you can enjoy a picnic post-show.

best beaches in Cyprus
Kourion coast.

Petra Tou Romiou
According to Cypriot legend, Petra Tou Romiou is the birthplace of the Greek goddess Aphrodite so it’s a must-see on your beach-hopping itinerary. It also happens to be the area where the sunset is one of the most breathtaking sights on the island. If you’re set on setting up for the day at Petra Tou Romiou, don’t settle on the pebbly beach but instead, wade out to one of the large rocks in the sea and set up camp there.

Petra Tou Romiou

Pachyammos beach is a favourite among Greek Cypriots living on the west side of the island for Saturday afternoon.

View of Pachyammos in Cyprus


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