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16 Visiting Sydney, Australia

Host of the 2000 Olympic Games Sydney is an always popular city with plenty of free entertainment, and with this in mind we arrived on a day the weather was not at its best but fair enough to do some siteseing and perhaps most important, try to figure out how we were going to get […]

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18 Get hot in Rotorua, New Zealand

And smelly, too. Not because the place is a dump, quite the opposite in fact, but because it is a highly volcanic area where not only spas and steam baths are the thing to do, but it is also the best place in New Zealand where you can learn about Maori culture and understand the […]

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4 Brisbane, Australia

While in Bali our initial plan was to fly into Cairns and visit the Great Barrier Reef, but the high costs of getting there made us change our plansĀ and fly into Brisbane instead via Darwin with Jetstar. Tourism in Brisbane isn’t as big as it is in other parts of Australia, but there are many […]

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