July 12

New Zealand: North Island in 10 pictures


new zealand

New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, is known as the city of sails because of the hundreds of yachts that can be spotted near the harbour. This is how to get from the airport to Auckland.


geothermal energy rotorua

Two things make Rotorua stand out as the second most visited city in New Zealand’s North island: geothermal energy has been used here as a natural resource for hundreds of years in all sorts of ways; from cooking, to heating to bathing and everything in between.

maori culture new zealand

Rotorua is also the best place in New Zealand to learn about Maori culture, deeply embeded in this isolated country.

tongariro national park

The Tongariro Alpine crossing is the most popular trek in New Zealand. It takes about 4 days and takes you to beautiful places like the Tama lakes featured in this photo, with Tongariro volcano covered by clouds in the background.

jetboat waterfalls new zealand

New Zealand is also known as the country of the extreme: skydiving, speedboating along waterfalls or bungee jumping are just some of the activities you can enjoy here. I’m not sure I would dare to skydive…would you?

sheep new zealand

New Zealand has 13 times as many sheep (about 47 million) as it does people and produces the finest wool in the world.

surfing new zealand

Ocean sports are a common hobby for New Zealanders. Surfing, windsurfing, diving, sailing, kayaking and many more sports can be practiced in great, unspoiled areas.

wellington new zealand

Wellington is the southernmost city in New Zealand’s North Island. It’s weather is usually unpleasant, but this didn’t keep these girls from jumping into the ocean to celebrate the end of their school year.

new zealand hills

With so many mountains and natural wonders it is New Zealand has some of the best sceneries you can contemplate in this part of the world. Traveling independently is highly recommended if you want to take a break and enjoy the views at a moment’s notice.

taranaki volcano new zealand

Often missed by travelers, Mount Taranaki on the West coast is a picture perfect volcano when the weather is good. The area has isolated beaches and Egmont Natural Park where trekking is very popular.

Have you visited New Zealad’s North Island?  What did you like most?  How did you travel around? Please remember to share this post if you liked it!


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  1. Love your Taranaki shot and I totally agree – this is a place that is being missed by too many. I did a wee day-hike there and I absolutely loved it. I really wish I had spent more time there!

  2. I spent 3 1/2 months traveling NZ (both N and S Islands) and I fell in love with the country. Ive been to almost every place in these photos and smiled when I saw the school girls jumping off the “plank” I have a photo of me standing on there on a very windy day! Both islands have equally amazing scenery and hikes!

    Skydiving over Lake Taupo and bungying over the river was a highlight! 🙂

    1. If you’re into the sport you’ll love the spot: very windy, and dencent size waves with just a bunch of people out there.

  3. maitravelsite
    No wonder, many people visit South Island only, but there are those who say North Island is better!

    I would not go as far to say that the North Island is better than the South but I would definitely say that is highly underrated. I think this is got to do something with the fact that many backpackers who ‘travel’ New Zealand. Actually travel the South Island but only visit Auckland or Wellington in the North. They miss out on hot water beach in the Corromandel, the lakes surrounding Rotorua, and the Maori culture in the Bay of Islands…

    Great to see a post on the North Island for a change.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Phillip. See, I didn’t visit South Island, among other things because everybody goes there. And you know what? I am happy I made the decision I did as North Island really has so much to offer as you point out. By the way, hot water beach was quite an experience, despite the fact that it was quite chilly that day!

    1. No wonder, many people visit South Island only, but there are those who say North Island is better!

  4. The blue skies in some of those pictures are quite striking and beautiful. I’m with Monica on the picture with the schoolgirls – its fantastic.

    1. Hi Erica

      Glad to know you like the pics. If there had only been more sunshine I could have taken better ones!


    1. Hi there,

      It was very lousy when I was there, and locals told me it isn’t good more often than not.


    1. Hi Monica

      Thanks. Unfortunately it was cloudy most of the time when I was there, hence the lack of color in many of them. Wellington was cold and very windy- they were brave…or very happy!


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