What not to do in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

During our trip accross Malaysia I had a tooth infection that got pretty bad in Borneo. Things got even worse when a 5 hour trip from Kuching to Sibu became a 12 hour trip by bus and a small boat, with a lot of pain and no pain killers. Not good. Eventually that tooth had to be extracted once we reached Kota Kinabalu, as a dentist in Sibu has recommended waiting to get rid of the infection before undergoing surgery. So there I was, in Kota Kinabalu looking forward to climb the most famous montain in South East Asia and with little hope of achieving it.

This said I found a great doctor and if you ever need to find a dentist in Kota Kinabalu I highly recommend him. This is his contact info:

Dr Lawrence C K Wong

Wong Nyuk Tien Dental Clinic
no 25 Jalan Tugu, Kampung Air
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel 088 252 019
email lawrencewck@gmail.com

Hopefully you wont need his services, but if you do need a dentist you’re in good hands-  should you decide to visit him please let him know you heard from him thorugh this website. Thanks Dr Wong!

Have you ever had any medical emergencies while on the road? What happenned? Are you going to visit Dr Wong? If you do please leave a comment below, and an update when the visit is over for others to know how your experience was 🙂

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Lydia - October 5, 2013 Reply

Oh my!! My uncle is famous now! *lol* I’m a proud niece 🙂 I hope to join him at my grandfather’s dental clinic soon!Thank goodness all went well for you after you visited my uncle.

    maitravelsite - October 7, 2013 Reply

    Hey Lydia, great to hear from you! It all did go very well and am very happy indeed! Say hello to him from me, and glad yo know you are following his footsteps and will join him soon!

dental vietnam - August 6, 2013 Reply

t’s never a good holiday experience but it’s good to see you found a nice dentist!

    maitravelsite - August 6, 2013 Reply

    So true!

Nikita@SEO Agency - January 6, 2012 Reply

You do have a very cute smile.. I hope it didn’t change after the tooth was removed 😉

Andy@porcelain veneers Sydney - October 4, 2011 Reply

I actually needed a dentist once when I went overseas too!
I was going fishing with my relatives in New Zealand and somehow I got a fishing hook on the inside of my mouth cut into one of my gums!

It’s never a good holiday experience but it’s good to see you found a nice dentist!

Kyle@Orlando Dentist - September 22, 2011 Reply

Reminds me of when I ended up in the hospital in Mexico.

    maitravelsite - October 4, 2011 Reply

    What happened?

Marcia@tandenknarsen in slaap - August 7, 2011 Reply

I love that you went to the trouble of naming the dentist who helped you, and gave us all his address and everything. This is a great way to reward someone who was useful during your travels, and I’ll keep it in mind for my own holidays. I hope he gets some extra business through you!

    maitravelsite - August 7, 2011 Reply

    Hey Marcia, I have spoken with him since and apparently he has had more clients because of it!

David@chiropractor-costa-mesa - August 3, 2011 Reply

good to know that you can find good dentists out side of the us. I find chiropractic care a hit and miss. In the Philippines, a chiropractor seemed to be a masseuse. She kept offering other services. Man I just needed my hip adjusted because I through it out on the long painful flight!

    maitravelsite - August 5, 2011 Reply

    lol Hey, you might get a 2 for 1 deal!

Orthodontist Brisbane - July 29, 2011 Reply

Thanks for the information…Superb video about the dentist!!

Lilly@ Dentist West Los Angeles 15 - July 22, 2011 Reply

Oh my! You are one lucky man! I have heard many horror stories about people needing emergency procedures in foreign countries and it ending up disastrously! It’s good to hear that sometimes, it turns out well.

    maitravelsite - July 22, 2011 Reply

    It did go well indeed, I totally recommend him!

Annie@ Dentist West Hollywood - June 23, 2011 Reply

Wow. They let you tape it? Hope Dr. Wong knows about this site and maybe he’ll give you free treatments next time you need to see him 🙂 Glad to hear everything turned out alright.

    maitravelsite - June 28, 2011 Reply

    Haha…he does indeed and I am aware he has trated patients because of this video, though I never got any email from him…

Bob @ Charlotte Dentist - May 28, 2011 Reply

Thanks for the info…awesome video about the dentist!!!!

maitravelsite - April 20, 2011 Reply

Amen. And by the way, I had another wisdom tooth removed yesterday- painful!

maitravelsite - February 28, 2011 Reply

Ohhh..I knew readers would like to see blood! In any case he was great and the trip was superb from then on.

santafetraveler - February 4, 2011 Reply

I always travel with two things- antibiotics if all else fails and really pure essential oils as a first line of defense. You have to research which oils do what, but it’s worth it! Glad it worked out.

    maitravelsite - February 5, 2011 Reply

    I always travel with antibiotics too… unfortunately they got spoiled by a liquid … Thanks!

rose - November 4, 2010 Reply

r you sure he is a good dentist or you just try to say good for him because you got paid by him .

    maitravelsite - November 4, 2010 Reply


    As you can see in the video he actualy did surgery on me- I wouldn’t recommend him if his work wasn’t good. And, for the record, I paid him, not the other way around….

Ralph Burleson - October 3, 2010 Reply

I had a terrible experience in Thailand with a root canal gone bad. The root canal was done in the US, but the missed one of the canals. I was working on a project with Reuters on a BCI Press SEO project. I had to cut my trip short and leave for the states to get treated again. I subsequently lost my tooth. I wish I had been in Malaysia instead of Thailand. I could haved saved my tooth and my project.

    maitravelsite - October 3, 2010 Reply

    Pity you lost your tooth Ralph. But then I am sure there are fantastic dentists in Thailand as well. Why didn’t you go to a dentist there?

Monica - August 7, 2010 Reply

Olá !

You’re incredible really 🙂 🙂 🙂
Kisses, Besos and Beijos !


    maitravelsite - August 7, 2010 Reply

    Oi Monica!

    Thanks, you’re gonna make me blush!


Tony - May 1, 2010 Reply

Thanks for the video and directions, puts me more at ease knowing you survived a wisdom tooth extraction here. Will be giving him a call on Monday 🙂

    maitravelsite - May 1, 2010 Reply

    Hi Tony

    You’ll be fine, he’s very good. Hopefully you have climbed KK already!


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