4 Tips for Visiting Faro in Portugal

Faro is perched on the southernmost tip of Portugal, running parallel with some of the hottest holiday spots in Southern Europe: Palermo, Athens and Izmir.  Theunique climate canopies over this corner of the Algarve – meaning it stays nice and warm during autumn.

pego inferno

Pego do Inferno, photo by aficfotografia.blogspot.com


Pick up a car in Faro and you have it all – from the region’s graceful waterfalls to its crazy waterparks.  If you’re self-catering, then the car is perfect for reaching the main shops or even the Portuguese markets that run through autumn (try the seafood market at the Olhão Marina, 20 minutes from Faro´s airport). This blog post goes over some of the best places to see in Algarvian South and it all starts at the International Airport.

Book yourself a car to pick up once you land and get your holiday started straightaway. For autumn, Holiday Autos are running a 20% discount off for Faro car hire– the offer ends October 31st so get on board right now if you’re going.

Ease into Portuguese life

Portuguese people love their coffee and cake. Don’t settle for a mainstream brew from one of the chains in the airport and find your own little café to to know the local taste instead.  There are plenty of sneaky spots in central Faro and you’d do well to walk 100 yards in any touristy location without seeing a tearoom somewhere, but because if you’re driving you can access one of the best coffee shops in Portugal – Gardy. It´s about 50 minutes from the airport, so if you’re based towards the western coastline you can pull in here for more than a hot drink on your way. Don´t miss the work that goes into the marzipan desserts!

Pego de Inferno

This waterfall is tucked away in the Asseca Valley, just 35 minutes from the airport. Its name basically translates into ‘Hell’s Pool’ but there’s nothing hellish about the turquoise lagoon the water pours into as you’re welcome to swim and yes, it is warm.  There’s even a sunbathing plateau with a great view of the fall cascading down from the rocks above.

Secluded Islands

Next on the list is the beach…but which one?  There are lots of sandy coves lining the southern coast and other fantastic beaches in Lagos but for that real holiday escape you need to reach Porta Nova Pier.  It’s about the same distance from Faro airport as the waterfall.

The port is the gateway to Faro’s island beaches (ilhas).  Park the car up and throw some towels in a bag because that’s all you’re going to need. Take the ferry to Deserta (should be no more than €8 and it takes half an hour).  This secluded beach has been beautifully shaped by Atlantic waves for years – now it’s home to a tiny population of people and tourists in the know.

Still, you have a choice of ilhas and Deserta isn’t the only option – find you own private spot on the sand and take a few hours out from the real world.

Aqua Show Park

For the laughs on the Lazy River alone, this waterpark is worth visiting.  You’re plonked in an inflatable ring and sent off floating around the stream, bumping into each other and capsizing in that way vacationers just can’t help but find hilarious.  Still, if you’re in the mood for adventure and have had enough of the siesta way of life, take your inflatable ring up to the White Fall:

This slide is a world one-off – as you peek over the edge and wait for the lifeguard’s nod, you can already feel the adrenaline begin to pump…then you let go.  You slip down the steep, first phase of the ride at a ridiculous pace before riding up an opposing, equally steep, incline; you’re then funnelled into a tube that sends you splashing into the pool at the bottom – you can even do it in pairs.

Get on Holiday Autos car hire offers today because these tips are just a handful of places to visit, see and experience in Faro. They may be scattered in various spots across Southern Algarve but with the car they are easy to reach and you can do something amazing every other day of the holiday – there’s plenty of time in between to take it easy by your hotel pool or even discover your own mini-oasis in the region.


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