How to Prepare El Cantarito In Honor of Cinco de Mayo

Like many citizens living north of the Rio Grande, I’ve enthusiastically counted down the days till cinco de mayo. Party shirt. Check. Jose Cuervo tequila & the following day requested off of work. Check. And last but certainly not least, waking up the next morning embarrassed by the silly bar games you partook in. [ugh hum] Check.

Saying adios to my twenties and becoming a resident of Mexico’s Pacific Coast, I’ve learned a thing or two about cinco de mayo. I will quickly get you up-to-speed on this holiday: it is not Mexico’s independence day (that is September 16th) nor is it a national holiday. The celebration recognizes the victory of Mexico over France, in the Battle of Puebla and was considered a great moral victory for the Mexican forces. Six years later the French withdrew their forces; ending their attempt at creating an empire, within Mexican territory.

If you feel the urge to celebrate this victory in honor of your neighbors to the south, as well as, drop your newfound knowledge in hopes of impressing your amigos…this ones for you.


This  traditional Mexican cocktail hails from the town of Tequila in the state Jalisco. Many tourists meander through the main plaza sipping their bevy from a ceramic handmade mug while taking in the quaint offerings of this historic town designated as a Pueblo Magico by the government.


How to Prepare El Cantarito


  • Shot of Tequila
  • 1-3 squeezed limes
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1 squeezed orange
  • 1/2 squeezed grapefruit
  • Top it off with Squirt or Fresca soda


  • Add ice before combining the ingredients in a glass
  • Garnish the rim of the glass with a slice of lemon and salt
  • Sprinkle Tajin or Chamoy  chile seasoning as garnish


A visit to your local Mexican market (or probably the Mexican aisle in your local grocery store) will have plenty of options for chile seasonings. Lemonade or lime-aid can be substituted for the Squirt soda. Just like any recipe, experiment with quantities and make it to your exact liking. Most importantly, resist the temptation to buy Jose Cuervo tequila products….there are so many tastier options. Look for a tequila with a label which reads 100% agave.

Saving the Best for Last

As you make your drink, have a bowl nearby for discarding the fruit. If you are entertaining guests, give each of them their own small bowl of pre-cut fruit along with their glass of ice, tequila and Squirt.

After you squeeze the citrus fruits into your own glass, discard the rinds into the extra bowl.

The bowl is used to throw out the bad vibes of the day; which will then be removed from your presence, tossed away and forgotten.


I’m Jen… a Science teacher by day and a beach bum by afternoon. I live along the Pacific coast of Mexico with my husband Sam and our two dogs. We are Team Fuber. We moved here three years ago for our teaching positions at the American School of Puerto Vallarta. I yearn for outdoor adventures; surfing is a daily ritual, frequently followed by tacos and a cold margarita. Follow us on!

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