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Keep Your Valuables Safe With Anti Theft Travel Gear

How many times have you felt you or your belongings are at risk? Without  a doubt one of the top priorities  of any individual is keeping valuables safe when on the road (sometimes your gear is safe but you aren’t like when I was pulled out of a bus by the army in Venezuela).

The good news is that safe traveling gear with this in mind already exists in the market, and contrary to what many people think it is not stoic and robust but pretty much like the rest in the market, even chic and unique but packed with safety features most brands overlook.

One of the leading brands in the travel industry that focuses on safe travel is Travelon, and in this article I’m going to review a few of their products; some of them are focused on safety, others aren’t.

Anti Theft Classic Backpack

The anti theft classic backpack is a functional backpack with laptop portability and working gear in mind. It has  several side pockets where you can  keep pens, cell phones and other small belongings neatly organize, a pocket for a water bottle, RFID blocking spaces for credit cards and has a couched pocket inside where you can keep your laptop protected, which unfortunately is not big enough for a typical 15.6″ laptop (though it can be fit in the backpack without problems). The backpack does have some excellent anti theft features though, including slash proof body panels and cut proof straps (achieved via  a wires going through the straps and panels that can’t be cut) and locking compartments. The compartments are locked via clips that hold on to the zipper.

Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag

Smaller than the backpack the shoulder bag is designed for females primarily and is a place where to easily store everyday items. It has three side pockets outside (two on the front which are slash proof and one in the back which is not) and several pockets inside, which  just like the backpack also feature anti theft mechanisms including slash proof body panels, locking compartments, RFID blocking slots and cut proof straps. I found the small flashlight quite ingenious when having to look for something in the dark.

Hanging Toiletry Kit

For both male and female travelers, the hanging toiletry kit is useful, practical and has lots of space. It is loaded with small pockets where to keep all your toiletries well organized and has a transparent panel though which you can see pretty much all you carry once you hang it anywhere with the practical hanger. The transparent panel is also a pocket itself where you can keep certain items stored. I find it ideal for business travelers or short trips in which luggage is not a problem, but it might not be very practical for the backpacker who wants to save space.

18″ Wheeled Carry-On

With today’s carry on travel bag restrictions if you want to travel easily there are several things you must have ready before you hop on the plane. The most annoying restriction today is probably the allowed size of carry on travel bags, specially when traveling with low cost airlines, and having the permitted size is a must if you want to start your trip smoothly. The Travelon 18″ wheeled bag has an outside pocket with a tablet computer compartment, a padded inner section where you can carry your laptop (no bigger than 15″) and an extendable handle to easily roll it around. It is available in several colors as well.


There are hundreds of travel brands that make all kinds f travel gear but only a selected few focus on anti theft mechanisms. Travelon is one of these few brands that designs and manufactures safe traveling gear accessible to all budgets. Their razor proof panels avoid this not so common theft act but the cut proof straps are certainly a goof way of keeping your valuables safe when walking in areas of big cities where this might be a problem.

I have never been a victim of active theft during my travels but, but have for example almost always traveled with a money belt.

While I could give you many travel safety tips your best bet is to use common sense and, if you fear theft could still be a problem, anti-theft travel gear will probably give you the peace of mind you need.

A another option you can drop your bags in places like like luggage storage union station Toronto instead. This will ensure you have an extra peace of mind along with a hands-free experience to get going with whatever you wish to do wholeheartedly.





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  1. Thanks for posting about anti theft back packs that is best for travel and another purpose. I just love your classy designed product.

  2. Ohhh I need a new shoulder bag. My old one fell apart, and last time I went touring I panicked. I am totally neurotic about where the zippers are located, and this one looks perfect!

    1. If you have a laptop to carry they have another model that is specific for this use, with several pockets too.

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