August 8

Costa Rica Unplugged: A Quest for Family-Friendly Thrills and Tranquility


The Costa Rican countryside offers the ideal backdrop for a wide range of exhilarating activities both adults and children will find fun and exciting. The chance to glide above a rainforest's canopy while taking in breathtaking panoramic views is one of the primary reasons why ziplining is a must-try tourist attraction in the country. The Arenal volcano area is a breathtaking location to partake in this thrilling activity, with several tour companies offering family-friendly zipline excursions to this destination. Even nicer, you could incorporate a zipline cable ride with a gondola trip above the forest and a walk across a hanging bridge. Four-year-olds and older are welcome to participate, and knowledgeable tour guides will always be present.

See Exoticca's selection of "trips to Costa Rica" if this sounds like something you and your family might like. The flights, transfers, and accommodation are all included in each of these vacation packag-es, along with a guided hike to the Arenal Volcano.


Rappelling, which utilizes a rope to descend steep terrain, is yet another thrilling activity not to be missed when in Costa Rica. This is because rappelling here typically entails descending waterfalls amidst lush vegetation or cliffs near the shore, making it an exhilarating experience for families to en-joy. The Arenal Volcano Area, Monteverde Cloud Forest, and Manuel Antonio National Park are among the best destinations to go rappelling in the entire country. To make your outing to any of these places even more worthwhile and action-packed, add other adventure sports, like ziplining, horseback riding, and hiking, to your itinerary.

White-Water Rafting

White-water rafting is another activity that could make your heart race. The Pacuare River, which cuts through the center of the rainforest, has class II, III, and IV rapids that provide an unforgettable rafting excursion. For families with children at least 12 years old and older, there are several adventure compa-nies with highly experienced instructors that offer different rafting experiences.


Anyone hoping to catch some waves will find ideal surfing conditions on Costa Rica's Pacific coast. Tamarindo Beach, in the northwest of the country, is a popular surfing destination for both amateur and expert surfers. Its waves are consistent, and if you need help from an instructor, the beach is dotted with surf schools that welcome both adult and young learners. With the use of foam boards in shallow parts of the bay and personalized coaching, local instructors help beginners become more technical.

The Tranquility

Connecting to Nature

While Costa Rica has a reputation for being a top destination for thrilling endeavors, there are many places to visit to experience tranquility and relaxation. National parks, including Manuel Antonio and Corcovado, provide visitors an opportunity to admire abundant wildlife in a pristine natural environ-ment and take things more leisurely. When children catch a glimpse of monkeys, sloths, and exotic birds in their native habitats, they become instantly intrigued.

In addition, national parks typically consist of mountains, forests, beaches, and mangroves, among oth-ers, allowing visitors to experience various ecosystems in one trip. Manuel Antonio is a beautiful exam-ple, with its magnificent crescent-shaped beach and lush surroundings. However, be advised that there is an entrance cost for the nation's national parks. Nevertheless, it's worthwhile to spend the day taking in nature's untainted beauty.

Hot-Spring Bathing

Costa Rica is home to a variety of hot springs spread around the land due to the amount of volcanoes and volcanic activity in the country. The Tabacon Hot Springs near La Fortuna, next to Arenal, is one of the most well-known and easily reachable. Natural hot springs inside the complex offer a range of temperatures ideal for a soothing bath. The quiet atmosphere is further enhanced by waterfalls and lovely gardens, which add to the relaxing effects of bathing in the mineral-rich water.

Relaxing Beach Activities

The beachfront resorts in this country are excellent for families seeking to unwind and unplug com-pletely. On the Peninsula Papagayo, the exclusive Andaz Papagayo Resort is located. It offers access to a private beach as well as kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. The hotel also has a kids' club with regularly scheduled activities to keep the youngsters interested and happy, making it even nicer for families with small children. Another favorite is the 120-acre natural sanctuary that is the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica, also situated on Peninsula Papagayo. In addition to activities like Ziplining and surf-ing, the resort's outstanding setting offers family-friendly tours, marine excursions, and diving.

Tips for Finding Balance

Parents commonly make the mistake of jam-packing every vacation day with exciting activities and sightseeing in an attempt to keep kids from growing bored. To balance stimulation and rest, however, is essential for the family to recover and fully appreciate their trip to Costa Rica. Planning an itinerary that has a good balance of both may be a bit difficult, but with the following advice, you can do it:

Plan ahead: List the sites and activities that you and your family wish to participate in, along with the dates that you will be visiting. This will give you a basic idea of how your travel will go and assist in helping you design an itinerary with ample breaks.

Mix adventure and relaxation: Alternate days of intense activities, like ziplining or white-water raft-ing, with days of leisurely pursuits, like trips to the beach, a park, or hot springs.

Plan around your kids: Consider your children's interests, hobbies, and attention span while making timetable decisions. Consider giving kids enough time to relax because they can easily get overstimu-lated.

Don't overdo it: Limit your activities to give every family member time to enjoy the sights and the ex-periences and to prevent over-exhaustion at the end of the day.

Live in the moment: Enjoy Costa Rica's unique culture and stunning landscape by living in the mo-ment. Being in the present is the only way to create priceless experiences with your family that will last a lifetime.

Take care of yourselves: Take care of yourself by setting aside time for a healthy diet, exercise, down-time, and sleep. Your happiness and energy levels will remain high the entire journey if you get enough sleep and are in excellent condition.

Combine Excitement and Tranquility in Costa Rica

With its natural wonders, mix of action-packed and relaxing activities, environmentally conscious tour-ist policies, and family-friendly attractions, Costa Rica is a destination that has something to offer eve-ryone. Create individual and family memories that will last a lifetime, whether by flying over the rain-forest canopy or unwinding in the hot springs, by letting your family unplug and recharge all at once on a trip to this Central American nation.


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