June 18

Free New Travel Guide: Colombia

Mai Travel Guide: Colombia is a  free  Colombia  travel guide that includes all the information you need to visit this country, and is the second of the free Mai Travel destination guides, ready for you to download!

Free Colombia Travel GuideOne of the most misunderstood countries in the world today, Colombia is a perfect example of what a diverse country can offer to any traveler in the world. From modern cities like Bogota to lush mountains and valleys like those in Armenia or tropical beaches like Playa Blanca in Cartagena there is something for everyone. Unfortunately it’s turbulent past has basically pulled Colombia out of the tourist maps, yet those in the know are using this opportunity to visit and explore an unexploited beauty.

I had the opportunity to travel across Colombia for over three weeks over a year ago, and was mesmerized by its beauty, diversity and the charm of its people, the paisas, who are not only friendly in nature but happy to show visitors the real Colombia that has been kept underground for so many years. Sure, there are some hot zones that are best avoided (like central Bogota after midnight) but these safety issues are common to pretty much any big city in the world- the occasional military checkpoints in roads along the South usually don’t affect independent travelers, and in any case are proceeded with politely and without hassles.

And then there’s the food. Zancocho, empanadas or what has now become my favorite fruit in the world, the lulo (particularly good for fresh juice) are sure to indulge your taste buds in new flavors you had not tried anywhere else. Where as the food in the South tends to be heavy in protein (the bandeja paisa is perhaps the country’s most famous dish which consists of a large plate with more than 6 or 8 different meat steaks… that countrymen have for breakfast!) that in the north tends to be lighter, juicier and as varied and colorful as its people. This might be a free travel guide of Colombia, but it leaves nothing behind!

Colombia travel guide

Like the free travel guide of Mexico this free travel guide of Colombia includes all the information you need to get around and visit 11 major destinations in Colombia and suggests other nearby attractions you might want to explore as well. Available in PDF end ePub it has more than 50 color photos that will show you  what each destination looks like before you get there, and introduces you to the local cuisine you must try.

Click Here to Go to Colombia Travel Guide Download Page


Have you visited Colombia? Would you if you could? Why or why not? Share your thoughts and opinions on what you believe Colombia currently is like, and this post too if you think other might like it!


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  1. I want to visit Columbia. I have searched that there are many interesting attractions that I can be able to explore in Columbia so I want to visit this place. I need this travel guide.

  2. The art work you do for your travel guides is awesome. 🙂 I am looking forward to visiting Columbia someday.

  3. Visit to Colombia with free guide, what a beautiful combination of destiny.If i get an opportunity I’ll visit here and try to realize your truth. Thanks for a nice travel tip.

    1. Glad you like it Sebastian! Do visit the country someday, it’s one of the most fascinating in South America

  4. Columbia is always known for his history as well as natural beauty! I had visited here in mid 2010 & I must share that it is amazing! The thick dense forests, the scenery, the rivers were too good & clean! Met few villagers & enjoyed some time with them! It was an amazing trip!

  5. Columbia is a wonderful place to visit. There are plethora of beautiful attractions that vacationers could explore in Columbia. For those who are planning to visit Columbia, you can download this Columbia travel guide.

  6. Colombia provides varieties of natural beauty & historic places for the tourists all over the world. In the past it was unrevealed but now it’s changing & people are flying to Colombia more than any other time. That’s a great sign.

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