August 28

Gear for Comfortable Travel: The J Pillow Review

Perhaps one of the biggest burdens of traveling anywhere- unless you’re loaded and can afford luxury travel- is the unequivocal acceptance of having to give up on comfort while on the road. Worst of all are long haul flights, where there’s barely enough space for your legs and sleeping comfortably is out of the question even if you’re one of the lucky passengers to get a pillow.  Short flights might be easier to tackle but if it’s one of those that take off in the wee hours of the morning odds are you’ll be looking for a place to rest your head on as soon as you buckle up.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the manufacturers of the J-Pillow, a travel pillow I have to admit I had never heard of. They asked me if I’d be interested in trying one out so I looked online to see what this pillow had that made it different from any other pillows and  was surprised to find something that looked quite weird different. Upon closer inspection the different parts to it seemed to make sense and figured this could be one of those extras that can make a big difference when on the road. This is what the pillow looks like:

The J-Pillow


 How does the j-pillow work?

The j-pillow was invented by a former Virgin Atlantic flight attendant and received the British invention award of the year in 2012. It’s design is such that it can be used in 7 different positions, with one being the primary. Basically the bottom part of the J is to be placed under your chin, you lay the neck on the vertical section and place the side of the head on one of the “wings” depending on what way you’re tilting your head.

j pillow uses
This brochure depicting the uses comes with the pillow.


 Where can you buy it?

The cheapest and easiest places where to buy it in is in the giant online store Amazonblank


My Verdict

You know what? It works! It’s definitely more comfortable than a standard pillow which I usually have to bend anyhow and is also mush smoother.  The biggest problem I see with it is that it’s kind of bulky and if I want to travel light I can’t picture myself carrying the comfy one around; the good news is that the creators have already thought about this and there’s an inflatable version too which you can stick in your pocket. What am I going to do? Well, my plan is to keep the larger one in the car and take the inflatable one on planes and I’ll be set whenever I travel.

The pillow was sent to me at no cost courtesy of J-Pillow,  however all thoughts and opinions posted in this article are entirely my own. Visit their website to learn more about it or buy it in Amazonblank


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  1. I found your post when searching for reviews on travel pillows. Have you had a chance to test the inflatable version? Do you know if its as comfortable as the padded one?

    1. Hi Tanya,

      To tell you the truth I only take the inflatable one when I travel as the other one is too bulky for my taste, which I have in the car. It obviously does not have the cushion but it’s covered with the same furry cloth which makes contact with it pleasant, and I recommend you inflate it to about 70% so that it doesn’t become stiff. When comparing it’s comfort to the typical t-shirt you may place on your shoulder there’s a world of a difference. Hope this helps Tanya, and thanks for dropping by!

  2. I used to carry a travel pillow but I’ve let it go as I’m trying to scale down to the bare minimums. I usually just roll up a sweatshirt these days!

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