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How to Improve Your Hotel Internet Connection Speed & Range

It has happened to you and it happens to me all the time: the hotel advertises free and awesome hotel internet connection speed in your room but once you get to it you pull out your laptop only to find that the hotel internet signal is too weak for you to work (update your Facebook status? Tweet??) effectively.

After checking that only 1 bar out of 4 is on and a few seconds of cursing you then grab the laptop and begin to walk around the room looking for a stronger signal, sometimes leaving it and pacing down the hotel hallway with only one thing in mind: finding a good internet hotspot.

improve hotel internet

Maybe the signal will be better at the stairway? By the elevators? Where’s the darn router for the third floor?

While the hotel’s internet setup is crucial for getting the best speed available, there are a few things you can do to improve your hotel Wi-Fi signal strength when what’s being delivered is a far cry from reality.

Let’s look at several things you can do to books your wifi signal.

Buy a USB Wireless or Long Range Antenna

I have a USB wireless antenna and they certainly make a difference; it’s the easiest ways to improve wifi signals anyhwere. Costing  10-50 USD they will improve the signal a lot (specially the long range antennas), depending on the model you buy. Expect to increase the range at least 200 m!

They take up little space but they do use more power than your internal antenna, so again remember to plug your laptop.

Usually this is the most convenient way to boost the signal and be able to work online from the comfort of your room.

There are lots of USB models; I have a  TP link  antenna  (the model previous to the one on the left) which is small and portable.

I never travel without it as I get better speed and on average 3x as many networks to connect to!

Plug the Computer

When running on its battery laptops slightly cut the energy supply to the resources that require most power. You will notice this when the screen becomes slightly darker, but it is not only there that the laptop is saving some energy. By plugging it in you might get the extra boost of energy that could well be enough for you to be able to do what you want to do quicker.

Go for a Walk

No, I don’t mean head to streets to do some sightseeing hoping that the hotel internet connection speed has picked up while you’re out and about, I mean with your computer.

Walking around the room, down the hallways or to the lobby will at some point get you closer to where the router is, hence improving the connection dramatically.

Sure, this is not the most convenient way, but if you don’t mind working at the lobby or in some unusual spot in the hotel it certainly is the fastest.

Tools like Netspot (Mac) can show you via a heatmap locations where the internet connection should be stronger and JiWire  is perhaps the largest guide to hotspots worldwide.

It may even help you by pointing out a nearby hotel that has free internet access where you’ll be able to work at comfortable at the lobby. For free.

Connect to Hidden Wireless Networks

This might not be as applicable in your hotel room, but if at an airport, train station or bus terminal you could find one of these that companies provide to their workers without encrypting the signal and but simply hiding the public name.

Asking around won’t probably help you much, but Netslumber  (Windows) and Kismac (Mac)  can uncover those hidden gems that might be around.

Convert Your Laptop Into a WiFi Signal Predator

On some computers it is possible to alter the amount of power devoted to the network adapter and make other changes such as altering the aggressiveness of the card’s search efforts of finding wireless signals.

For Windows PCs, click “Start,” “Control Panel,” “Administrative Tools,” “Computer Management,” “Device Manager,” then find your wireless card in the list of devices; right-click on it and choose “Properties.” Click the “Advanced” tab,” set “Transmit Power” to “Highest,” set “Roaming Aggressiveness” to “Highest,” and click “OK.”

Try Out a Wi-Fi Extender

You can use a broadband speed checker and find out how fast or slow your connection is. Once you’ve confirmed the exact speed, you can consider a wi-fi extender that could save your life. Moreover, if you’re a digital nomad and work from literally anywhere.

There are cheap wi-fi extenders that you can find for around $25-$30 and improve the Internet speed. And if this still doesn’t work, you can complain at the front desk or just clean up your PC. A good spring cleaning comes in handy since your browser stores cookies and cache info every time you open a certain website.

Additionally, an update of your most used browser can do wonders as well. Your browser might have an outdated version that slows down the loading of any website access. So, updating to the latest version can help you solve the issue.

Make Your Computer  the Ultimate WiFi Signal Machine

This might me a little trickier but if you’re into technical stuff you might find DD-WRT the ultimate tool to transform your router into the definitive signal predator by changing the router’s installed firmware from the under-performing manufacturer’s to the increasingly popular DD-WRT open source firmware.

Setting it up is not super easy, but thankfully this  guide on how to set up OpenVPN on DD-WRT will walk you step by step on how to do it. I have not tried it myself but from what I’ve heard it does wonders and may be the definitive push for the best hotel internet connection speed.

Improving wifi signal strength can be a bit of a pain, but some of these tricks are very easy to implement and will go a long way wherever you are.

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Do you have any tricks you’d like to share with us? Product recommendations? Please share them with us in the comments section below, and this post too if you likes it or think others might find it useful!



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    1. I think it will Rocco, as long as the tablet has a USD port. I would confirm with the manufacturer of the antenna before buying though…

  2. It really gets on my nerves if I don’t get an internet connection when I intend to work. And you guesses it right I start pacing up and down the room to get a better signal. The ways you discussed can actually help me in finding a stable connection, thanks for sharing.

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