December 16

What is it Like to Live and Retire in Nebraska?

Nebraska isn't a state that comes up in everyone's minds when retirement is mentioned, but it offers far more than you could believe.  From affordable living, a slower lifestyle, and beautiful starlit nights, you may forget that it's Nebraska and feel like you walked into a dream.

These are the most incredible parts of Nebraska, and why it's a state you should consider retiring in.

Low Cost of Living

There's nothing as stressful as retiring and realizing that you'll never make more a month than you've planned out.  This is even worse if you're on a tight budget and don't have much wiggle room.  Instead of worrying about this, it's a good idea to move somewhere with a low cost of living so that you never have to stress about this problem.

The cost of living in Nebraska is 11% cheaper than the national average, with housing almost 27% cheaper than the national average.  Unfortunately, healthcare is pricier, 32% higher than average, but with how much you save in housing and general living, it's worth it.

Slower Comfortable Lifestyle

Many people who retire want to relax and avoid having to stick to any rushed schedules after they leave the workforce.  Thankfully in Nebraska, this is completely achievable; this state gives you a chance you need to take the time and enjoy life as it happens.  You can go for hikes and see beautiful rivers and lakes, take up new hobbies, and get to know yourself all over again in retirement.  It’s a powerful feeling.

Incredibly Unique Museums and Sights to See 

If you’re looking at apartments in Lincoln, NE, you may just assume that this is like so many other cities that you've seen before, but it's a surprising area!  You can catch anything from the hottest new music acts to the largest quilting museum in the country, all within this one city.  Offering a good mix of options ensures you'll never get bored while living here.  There are countless museums, art galleries, and other creative options as well, so regardless of the season, you'll find something fun and interesting to visit.

The Ability to Escape Noise and Light Pollution

In many states, it can feel like noise and light pollution are your only option.  You can only see the brightest stars in the night sky, and although you get used to the noise of traffic and drown it out, it's still a constant dull roar behind everything you do and hear.  Retiring in Nebraska offers you the opportunity to see countless constellations and clear night skies that are so bright and vivid you wouldn't believe it. In addition, if you live outside of the cities, you can enjoy absolute quiet besides the comforting noises of nature.  This changes everything if you've only lived in busy cities.

Nebraska may not be what many people think of when they consider retirement: but it should be!  From the fantastic locals to the slower and easier lifestyle and the gorgeous nighttime views, you'll fall in love the moment you arrive.  


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